A letter to the Fae Dominion


A letter is sent out to everyone in the Fae Dominion

To the people of the Fae Dominion,

I, Imenden Elmoira, have been given the duties and title of High Druid of the Grove located outside of Faerin by Nynaeve Sagehand, the one who originally held the title of said Grove.

I wish to welcome any and all Druids within the grove, however…that is all that is allowed on these sacred grounds.

Anyone who is not a Druid, without direct permission from me or the former High Druid Nynaeve Sagehand, is allowed within the Grove.

Yours Truely,

Imenden Elmoira, Lady Serpent


This looks a little like metagaming:

How exactly did Nynaeve manage to contact Imenden?

OOC: I had her send a letter after the trial. I asked Salrica if it was all right before I posted this via discord.


Fair enough I guess.

First off, the Queen gifted that area to Nynaeve. The area is on Fae lands. The gods aren’t of this world, not recognized as lore, nor are these deific beings here. Which means that she has no official titles, power or say in the matter. Your note and nynaeve gifting of the grove is irrelevant. So, as far as position and power go; she has neither. When the character was being created I was under the impression that Nyn would be strengthening and working with the Druids and followers of Nature in this world. Instead, you have power gamed, created contradictory powers/lore to fit your own narrative, and a character that you feel is above reproach. In cannon, imenden is Nyns rival. Why would she message her for aid or give her grove over to her? Honestly, this feels like a way to metagame and convert one character to another. Basically, switching a main character and losing nothing.

Kit, I really do hope you don’t take offense to this but as your friend I do believe you need to take a step back and rethink everything that occurred over the last two weeks.

Everyone has been stressed over the situation and I hate to say it: It feels like the court trial wasn’t just a waste of my time but everyone else’s time that attended.
I apologize if this comes off as brash or mean spirited but it really feels like you can’t truly accept consequences happening to your character.

This was literally the best outcome that could have happened to you, I know for sure I would have been outvoted.
it would have either been life in servitude or death had the queen not been there.

and while I can understand you being upset about being removed from faerin, I can also understand raven and seri’s perspective, you had requested that I claim you a region for a new druid grove and then you had started removing your belongings from faerin.

I’m sorry but it this entire situation is a really frustrating mess and I’d like to see this get resolved peacefully.