A Welcome feast 30/08/2020

The King and Queen anxiously await all the weary and newcomers to their wonderful and luxurious city of Mendjudet! Queen Serafina Brimsey would happily say “welcome to our fair kingdom travellers, please rest and stay awhile! Tonight we will be holding a welcoming feast and party in your honor! There will be plenty of food and drink to be had, we can regale your stories of old and perhaps get to know each other a little more!”

King William Brimsey would also speak with the newcomers "Welcome to our lovely kingdom, as my lovely wife has said tonight we will be holding a welcoming feast and party in your honor! I hope to see you all there! please feel free to look at the map of our wonderful city, hopefully, it will help you get some bearings of your surroundings ‘he smiles’. "

The king would also give a brief description of the map:
"Here is the map of Mendjudet:

To the west, you will see our Quarry and Digsite where we excavate materials to sell and repair any damages to our city. To the north, you will see me and my wife’s lovely castle which is where any official business will take place. To the south is the pier and docks where travelers such as yourself will arrive as well as this is where we import and export materials by Sea. To the east, you will see our farmland and hillside marketplace where people go to sell and barter their trade goods. We also conduct business through airship and balloon travel. You will note some major businesses scattered throughout town, please feel free to stop by and say hello to them! You may find some useful materials here and there for purchase!"

“Now then my wife and I have business to attend to but we will see you later on tonight? Yes? I hope so!”

The Queen and King Smile and head back to the castle leaving the travelers to explore for the time being. The king and queens helper would stay behind to offer an invitation notice to the travelers indicating the time and place of the feast/party!


The conclusion to the event:

The travelers had a lovely evening, regaling stories of their communities and a little bit about themselves. They tried out many new foods and beverages prepared by the city of Mendjudet. Meanwhile whilst they all were enjoying themselves in the company of queen Serafina Brimsey a bunch of Bandits and Pillagers scaled the castle walls, incapacitating all of the Royal guards and heading straight for the castle cellars, making off with plenty of the royal goods, food, and alcoholic beverages. The royal family and all of Mendjudet have yet to find out this horrible tragedy…

Some pictures from the evening: