Abital Delevan - The Elusive Necromancer

General Information

First name: Abital

Surname: Delevan

Age: ???

Date of birth: December 20th

Race: Half Elf (High Elf/Human)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Current residence: Outside of Icemark

Relationship status: Taken

Social status: Marquess

Traits of Voice

Accent (if any): Slavic

Language spoken: Common

Other languages known: Elven

Style of speaking: Careful and Calm

Volume of voice: Moderate/Soft

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’1” (156 cm)

Weight: 144 lbs (65 kg)

Eye colour: Purple

Skin colour: Pale

Shape of face: Heart

Distinguishing features: Piercing eyes

Build of body: Hourglass

Hair colour: Dark brown

Hair style: Long and curly. Some front hair is pulled back into a braid.

Complexion: Clear

Posture: Straight as the gays ain’t.

Tattoos: Runes of dark magic have been tattooed on her back

Piercings: Ears

Typical clothing: See picture above, also wears a red dress at times

Is seen by others as: A quiet and ominous mage (that might bite)


Likes: Tea, Sweets, Animals, and Books

Dislikes: Basthu, Liches, and Rats

Education: Self-taught

Fears: Loneliness, Aquaphobia

Personal goals: Keep a low profile and stay out of trouble

General attitude: Quiet, Observant, Worried

Religious values: Silent follower of Asilio

General intelligence: Very book smart. Due to upbringing, not very streetsmart.

General sociability: Ambivert


Illnesses (if any): Anxiety

Allergies (if any): None

Sleeping habits: Light sleeper

Energy level: Moderate

Eating habits: Well

Memory: Excellent

Any unhealthy habits: Overthinking


Birth country: Anduir

Hometown: Island north of Oceanside

Childhood: Very lax and luxurious

Teen years: Began her study of the schools Necromancy and Forsaking

Adult years: Began to search for the ones who killed her parents.

Past places of residence: A jungle island, a tundra island, Oceanside.

History of family: The Delevan family were often known as protectors. They were
Marquises(Marquesses) who would use their magic to protect royalty and important figures. Before Abital was born, though, her mother and father went into hiding, leaving their other children and family.

Briefly (or not) explain life story: Not Discussed


Parents: Lorelei and Tasmir Delevan

Siblings: Unknown

Any enemies (and why): The Lich and (minor) Basthu

Children: None

Friends: Zena, Misk, Vincent, Sam

Best friend(s): Zena, Sam

Important friends/relatives (explain): Zena (big island buddy) and Sam (took her in)

Love interest (if there is one): Zena


Peaceful or violent: Depends on mood

Weapon (if applicable): Canesword

Style of fighting: Baritsu


Occupation: Mage

Current home: Outside of Icemark

Favourite types of food: Zena’s Meat Roasts

Favourite types of drink: Tea

Hobbies/pastimes: Learning new magic, reading, playing the piano, just looking at Zena

Guilty pleasures: Studying corpse anatomy

Pet peeves: People who care not for hygiene, People who yell at their kids in public, people who steal from the elderly

Pets: Skip (her fox)

Talents: Necromancy, Looking presentable at any time, Sulking/Crying on command

Favourite colours: Magenta

Favourite type of music: Classical

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