About the Elder Applications category

Steps required to apply for the Elder rank:

  1. At least 12 months should have passed since your Whitelist application was approved.
  2. Create a new topic in the “Elder Applications” category using the template below.

:grapes: Minecraft Username: :grapes:

:calendar: The date you applied for Whitelist: :calendar:
January 20th, 2020

:honey_pot: Why you think you deserve Elder (4-8 Sentences Long)
I am an active member of the community, I build cities and towns for roleplay events and friendly to players!
:question: If you could change one rule on RPC, Which rule would you change?, why? (Two paragraphs at most): :question:
:exclamation: If you could add one plugin to the server, Which plugin would you add?, why? (Two paragraphs at most): :exclamation:
:spiral_notepad: Additional Notes (optional): :spiral_notepad:

  1. Four people of rank Elder+ should respond using this recommendation template, staff members have the reserved right to vote against a player.

:grapes: Minecraft Username: :grapes:

:scroll: : Player you’re recommending: :scroll:

:honey_pot: Why you think this player deserves Elder (4-6 Sentences Long) :honey_pot:
WinterCraft147 is very active and friendly and helps other players around a lot.