Alchemical Essentials: Potions and Oils and Otherwise


(This is a draft of various alchemical items and such that I came up with for use in RP. Feel free to use any or all of them. I tried making the formatting look nice but things are pretty limited. Google doc link is included at the bottom if you prefer that instead.)


Potion Toxicity - Consumable potions utilize a standard array of magical ingredients that possess a particular kind of toxicity. Each potion has a level of toxicity that is determined by the potency of the effects and how long it lasts for. A potion’s toxicity will range from Low - Medium - High. Each level of toxicity is given a numerical value [Low - 1 / Medium - 2 / High - 3]. Each character has a standard limit of how much toxicity they can handle [5] which is generally the same across everyone. If a person’s toxicity reaches above their limits, they will become increasingly ill and reject any new substance’s effects. An individual’s toxicity levels return to normal after a day.

Healing Draught - classic health potion with a few mechanical tweaks. It works in two phases; when initially consumed, the mixture rapidly repairs external injuries such as cuts, gashes, etc. and prevents someone from further bleeding (external or otherwise). Then, it works to repair any internal injuries received. Bones and critical organs take more time to fully repair. This second process works over the course of a full day and then some. While it will quickly stabilize someone, their full recovery will take upwards of a day following consumption depending on the injuries. High toxicity due to its potency means that only one can be administered per day. The body will get sick and reject any further consumptions, even resulting in poisoning if ignored.

Adrena Decoction - activates particular parts of the body in order to bring out peak physical capabilities. By stimulating the adrenal gland, the potion forces the body to generate copious amounts of adrenaline. Oxygen is facilitated more efficiently throughout muscle fibers. The brain is artificially tricked into a state of fight or flight, activating the body’s latent potential while dulling pain receptors. This state is induced artificially by the decoction for nearly ten minutes. Following this period, the body may suffer from any number of afflictions as a result of this activity (torn muscle fibers, fatigue, etc.) for upwards of an hour. Low toxicity means it can be consumed freely-- however, the potency of its effects rely solely on the individual’s ability to perform these tasks naturally. Taking more may prolong the effects, but the body can only produce so much andrenaline, therefore multiple consumptions will not increase the potency of effects.

Tincture of Concentration - stimulates the brain, facilitating its functions and elevates it to a state of higher-activity. The consumer’s ability to focus and think is greatly increased for a short period of time. During this time, they’d receive a boost in their proficiency with tasks that involve a great deal of focus (especially magic). The effects subside after an hour. Low toxicity. Fatigued and drowsy following the effects on the brain.

Night-Eye Brew - sharpens the sense of sight. By enhancing the eyes, the brew enables the individual a larger range of vision in the dark by granting them a better perception of edges, movement, and silhouettes even in total darkness, re-routing the delicate cones and rods in the eyes to do so. As a result, the individual becomes increasingly sensitive to most forms of light. Sudden flashes of intense light may even be painful without the right precautions. Altered state of vision lasts for one hour. Following this, the eyes would require a moment to re-adjust themselves to normal functions. Low toxicity.

Water-Breathing Decoction - slows heart rate and metabolism to conserve oxygen and energy. In addition, makes it so that the body requires less oxygen to function through increasing the potency of the oxygen present in the body. This would enable someone to hold their breath for the duration of the effects with ease. The effects last up to half an hour and gradually subside afterwards. Low toxicity.

Draught of [Element] Resistance - adjusts the body’s ability to resist particular elements, magical or otherwise. These tend to be specific towards one kind of element; Fire Resistance will turn the individual’s outer self flame retardant, Cold Resistance will adapt the body’s ability to survive colder environments and afflictions, Electrical Resistance will restrict the body’s ability to conduct energy from outside of the body, etc. These same types of resistance effects clash with one another and cannot be applied at the same time. Under the effect of one and drinking another will cease the former and adjust the body to the new draught. Lasts for two hours. Effects gradually subside following the duration. Medium toxicity.

Elixir of Health - rapidly cleanses the body of ill or harmful ailments such as poisons, inflictions, magical or otherwise. It then amplifies the body’s ability to fight infections and various other illnesses by improving the count of white blood cells and even killing off dangerous types outright, usually taking place over the course of a full day and more. Medium toxicity.

Juniper - crafted solution to toxicity accumulated by drinking potions. A bitter substance that acts immediately, clearing the body of harmful toxicity. Any active potion functions in the body are ceased upon doing so. Non-toxic.



Flashfire Oil - specially crafted oil that ignites with ease. When its container shatters, the oil scatters and perfuses the immediate air around the impact, giving it the appearance of igniting even the air briefly (hence, flash). The oil is capable of burning for prolonged periods of time. Otherwise dries up after half an hour.

Slipknot Oil - slippery substance that was created as a means to escape bindings by crafty individuals. When applied, it can help loosen the grip of certain bindings (such as ropes, cuffs, chains, etc.) providing an opportunity to “slip” out of them-- some easier than others. This oil can make the most brittle of surfaces smooth and slippery to the touch. Dries up quickly after exposure to heat but will otherwise remain for upwards of half an hour before drying completely.

“Silver-Lining” - the name given to a particular oil mixture. It functions identically to silver, possessing the same magical qualities and traits in oil form. Used as a means of combating certain resistances without carrying dedicated tools. Diluted and washed away easily by water or similar liquids. Otherwise evaporates after half an hour after applied.

Azana’s Steel - named after the lesser god, herself. The oil is clear and watery when applied but quickly becomes viscous. It can reinforce any object or material by creating a layer of highly durable coating around it, akin to armor. Does not work on living tissue. Dries and crumbles after half an hour. Water can easily dissolve the coating.

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