Algarondas RP


Long ago, foreigners came to a new land across the oceans and eventually found a group of ancient druids, elves, and gnomes. They began exchanging knowledge and items, and sadly some murders happened (targeting the druid group). After some time, the ancient group of people started getting sick, with a plaque that killed many of them. This was a sickness they had never seen before. The few healthy drove away from the foreigners (as peaceful as possible) and blamed them for their misfortune. In fear they would come back, they fled to a massive cave they had once found.

This cave was a few days’ walks, and they modified it to be their new home in fear they would be found again. After all, most of their people had been killed by a sickness that was not native to their land, and others had been killed in greed. The most architectural of the group of 100, made a secret door invisible to all. The adults never let the children go out again.

Now to the cave itself. Dwarves had once mined there long ago but said mineshaft was abandoned. The mass of the cave is near the center of the earth, but there is this stone the elvish people of the group called Qunyand. Qunyand means life or vine stone. This stone is everywhere in this cave and is only KNOWN to be found in Algarondas (Glittering Caves).

Qunyand has some very… Interesting properties. It increases the strength of the creatures nearby it, as well as regeneration. When the cave was found, its vines, leaves, plants were everywhere, due to the stone having a life and healing effect. Despite the nutrients, the plants are all very healthy, and the stone provides the needed light. Glowing mushrooms (which were there before the stone) also provides light. The final attribute of the stone is that it keeps the air fresh (with the help of the plants) so it is always breathable and feels and smells almost as fresh as the outdoors.

The druids, elves, and gnomes use the smallest portions of the stone (think foil gold) mixed in with food and drinks to heal just about any sickness within a day, so any sick that came with them were healed. They refuse to let the children outside due to paranoia that foreigners will steal, and or poison the stone, as well as raid and massacre their town and way of life. These are peaceful people but will protect this place with their life. It is sacred to them now.

Qunyand is said to be the remnants of an ancient meteor leaked through the cracks of the earth into the cave. It is extremely notable due to its massive veins all over the cave walls and ceilings.

The only downside to the beautiful and mystical stone is that cows have mutated into strange Mushroom creatures. But then again! Milk, mushrooms, steak, PLUS two types of stew! Can it really be a downside?

Further note. The Qunyand is now leaking out of the caves, so in an attempt to hide it, they’ve made it into a “park” to hide the entrance. The builder to foreigners is an unknown architect. These druids wonder if there are any more druid clans like them and if there were any more magical meteors or remnants of the same one anywhere else.

RP (discovery):
Little girl sneaks outside, only to find some people, and entices them to come inside. This does not bode well to the adults and imprison them.

Will the people imprisoned be set free? What will happen now the Algarondas has been discovered? Can outsiders be trusted and live there? FIND OUT NEXT IN RP! (Or the aftermath of RP).
Everything else will be determined through RP.