Alocktrix Ban Appeal

Staff Member that Banned you: @Omri

Your Username: XehYehZeh

Reason of Ban: Use of X-ray, on Feb

Why you should be Unbanned: The punishment was correct for I was using X-ray.

I understand if my appeal doesn’t go through, as I violated the rules of the server and the trust of the staff. It has been of some time since my ban and I have had plenty of time to reflect on my actions. At first I thought of it as no big deal, but over time I realized I was in the wrong. I regret succumbing to my frustration of cheaters in servers, that I resorted to becoming like them. If the appeal is accepted, I am willing to do community service for my actions like gather materials, or mine out a areas. I have no excuses for my actions, but I hope one day in your heart I will be forgiven.

Screenshot: I have none

Given the time passed along with what I hope to believe is a sincere apology.


No additional punishments aside from a probationary note as per the offence, as long as you steer clear off trouble, I dont think that’d be a problem :slight_smile:

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