Appeal ban of advocating pedophilia

my Username: Nuectli

Reason of Ban: advocating pedophilia

Why i should be Unbanned: Im not an advocate of pedophilia. discussing circumstances at the time will probably be icky, but ill answer whatever you like. I dont want there to be tension around this, and if its trouble for everyone id prefer this appeal be deleted TwT

I’ll make it short on account of being half asleep, guide me via a forum pm on what happened and I’ll be sure to take a look at it in the morning :slight_smile:

unless youre more specific about what you want to know i wont start a pm game, like weve done before. is there a reason this appeal needs to be private?
also, not particularly in a rush, please take care

I assumed, given the opening post, you’d wish to keep the matter private.

if you don’t, I’ll ask again:

Why was I provided with a report regarding you justifying pedophilia to several members of the server in a voice chat?

Yes, A certain player in question has been now regarded as a rather “unreliable source” so I’d say that with a reasonable explanation to the incident, your chances are good.

“Why was I provided with a report regarding you justifying pedophilia to several members of the server in a voice chat?” - i dont know particularly. ill provide some context though, one of the people involved stalked and harassed me for months before this event and said themselves to me that they would get me banned and that they didnt have an interest rpcs future.
also, several means more than two
also also, its the first time you asked

its not unlikely the topic will end soon. no matter the reason, i am not going to engage in disingenuous bargaining and power games.
its also clear that staff initiated punitive action regardless of how much information they had, certain staff members seem happy at the chance to experiment with their authority, and i certainly didnt have contact with any real staff before the ban. there hasnt been any communication or transparency in this event, and i doubt the process was anything but technical.
but, because each staff member ive talked with shows discipline, the lack of meaningful process can only be deliberate.

if i was banned because skitz was tired thats fair enough -3-

anyway, tell me what you want to know. if theres something i could add, i wont. it would be easy enough to rejoin the server by presenting my narrative and evidence, or by just kissing ass. but, unless theres credibility or effort on behalf of rpc, i believe this type of disingenuous relationship will continue.

ive never had intent to cause tensions or problems. i remember rpc as a place where each player was a benefit to and creator of an environment we became part of. ranks/titles were gifts or earned privileges that enhanced our communities freedom. i never differentiated between staff and others, someone was identifiable by their generosity and creativity. all the flashy colors distortions and other effects in our names also made it hard to label people :3

its painful to see each player treated as a liability and ranks used as a restrictive progression system. players cant experience the same freeform anymore.

so, rest up, take your time, ill answer anything that makes sense in legitimate discourse and i hope to get the ban removed.


ravioli ravioli dont ■■■■ the dragon loli

First, sorry if I sound even more callous than usual, chemo makes you a depressed ball of anger and sadness.

Thing is, I just want to understand your side of the story, I dont want you to kiss anyone’s ass.

To rephrase: your ban has come into question long before you made the appeal(thx sushi) and as long as you have an intent to return, just tell me your side of the story, I’m open minded and I trust you do have a story to tell.

Also, If you do get unbanned (which I hope you do) I have some ideas i’d like to share with yiu in regards to your comment.

Yayyy Hi sphinx!!

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im not going to make my life outside rpc a part of the discussion, except to say that im glad our friends have patience with us, and i hope your recovery goes as well as mine, or better. mazel tov, and next year in jerusalem

about the appeal-
omri, im not accountable to you. your comments dont seem sincere to me, and are almost entirely irrelevant to the topic.
not that any of this makes alot of sense, but, i dont know why you are involved? i presume that youre here because you pushed for a ban after christina reported to staff, but i wont accept your words anyway.
if you are the one who banned me than what do i have to explain? any staff involved should have made a decision based on confidence, but for you its not unbelievable that you didnt care about details.
other times you kicked me in the mc and dis servers without explanation, without speaking with other staff, and initiated other similar transgressions, for example trying to ban me without explanation far before this ban.
i dont think i should have to explain much, but im guessing that you decided to handle this and now other staff are staying away, and, if you were really open, you would have examined the specifics of what happened before i was banned.
either way, i dont owe you accountability and im not asking you for anything.

about rpc ideas-
far before any events mentioned here, when players old and new were coming back to rpc at the beginning of the year, i asked privately why you seemed to enjoy punishing players. since then youve avoided me. at first i didnt imagine you knew what you were doing, but you personally confirmed for me that you enjoy overusing power. if you wanted to open up now, our discourse shouldnt need the condition of my convincing you to lift the ban, which is an event you should already have examined.

now ive mentioned examination twice, ive seen no accountability and no effort, ill mention also that i wont listen to apologies, or anyone covering for mistakes. unlike the people who banned me, im confident in my convictions.

a number of people were involved in griefing, threats, harassment… yknow. and there wasnt anything individual staff whos positions i respect could do about it, not without potentially making trouble for everyone. which i saw repeating itself, so, i generally stopped bringing up the issues i saw to anyone. any barrier between people in the server enables this. i think were all better than that.

i am resolved to explain my perspective to someone, but if you do not have the energy or conscience to explain why we are talking, i have nothing to say to you. omri, i always imagined we would begin talking again, and that we would have great conversations, but this is not it. i want to rejoin, and if you want me to rejoin, let someone else deal with this
or end it


For the sake of not dragging this argument, this ban will be lifted in 10/09/2021 on 00:00 GMT

I look forward to actually talk to you… properly, I think you might want to hear my side of the story aswell

don’t tempt me with a good time.

theres no argument, still not seeing the sincerity
dont bother with this if it isnt through the correct channels, i want all staff involved to approve this. and i thought maybe you dont remember our little chats before there was drama? you remember me??? TwT <3 <3 xx xx oo oo

I do remember you. And I also remember the drama…

It is a bit difficult to convey emotions via a text message you know…
especially for a non-native speaker.

All active staff members are currently advocating to your ban being lifted so you’re in the clear on that front.

Argument in the broader sense of the term you little pedantic you :stuck_out_tongue:


this goes here. the authors name was the last message i put in chat during me orange and lysellas chat.