Application - FunnyJesterMan

Username: FunnyJesterMan
Played Minecraft since March 6, 2011.
I started playing RoleplayCraft many years ago, like 2013 or 2014 or something. I’ve had the server on my server list for years now. I’m pretty sure I bought a Royal rank or something a long time ago.
I’ve never been banned from a server.
I have read the terms and rules.
Desired race: Human

I go by FunnyJesterMan (I used to go by various other Jester names, like Jester Jay and The Internet Jester). I’ve been playing Minecraft for almost 10 years now and have spent 6 or 7 years with RoleplayCraft. I saw the server go down but I kept it in my server list until I saw it come back on recently. I make YouTube videos and Twitch streams. Not planning on playing a ton, but I’d like to support the server and hop on and say hi.

accepted, welcome back to the roleplaycraft community <3 happy to see another face :smiley: