Application Goldenwang69

Minecraft Username: Goldenwang69

Preferred Race: Human

How did you hear about this server? From a friend, BunnyArielDoll

I just got the java version of Minecraft today as my friends have convinced me to switch over from the Xbox version. I’m just a guy being a dude trying to play a game with my mates. in terms role play I am actually the forever DM for the group of friends ill be playing with so I think ill be able to do some lite roleplay. I’m not a fan of griefing and am a hoarder of cobblestone

excuse the username, I have to wait 30 days to change it

I have indeed read the rules

Have you read the rules, you’d know we do not appreciate sexual refrences. Application denied.

well, I made my profile before reading the rules. Ill make another application once I can change my username in 30 days