Application StormyZorua

:one: What is your Minecraft in-game username?
My Minecraft in-game username is StormyZorua.
:two: How long have you been playing Minecraft?
I have been playing Minecraft since 01/04/2019.
:three: How did you find out about RoleplayCraft?
I found out about RoleplayCraft from a friend, he recommended this server.
:four: Have you ever been banned from another Minecraft Server/Community?
I have not been banned from another Minecraft Server/Community.
:five: Have you read our Terms of Service Policy and Community Rules/Guidelines?
I have read the Terms of Service Policy and our Community Rules/Guidelines, and accepted the prompt at the bottom of the post.
:six: Desired Race?
:seven: Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I play a lot of minecraft, normally competitive 1.8.9 pvp, I do sometimes want to play survival and I prefer to play with friends a lot.

Accepted. Welcome to RPC!