BirdOfTheBlaze's Application

Minecraft Username: BirdOfTheBlazes

Preferred Race: Halfling

Discord Username (if applicable): BirdOfTheBlazes

Have you read the community rules and agree to follow them?: Yup

How did you hear about this server?: Snow told me a bit about it and Roar Roar invited me and her to it, and I guess if the both of them are doing something I tend to follow in as well.

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m a massive fan of ttrpgs who’s usually stuck forever DMing, and otherwise I’m usually writing, playing tactical games, or talking with my friends. I have sensory autism and some social disorders but I’ve done my best to combat them and honestly ttrpgs have been a big help in that. I’m generally pretty nice to people unless they purposefully harm or ruin things for others.

Welcome to RPC! Let me whitelist you now!