BrenTenkage's Appeal

Staff Member that Banned you: @Omri
Your Username: BrenTenkage

Reason of Ban: Please stop harrassing our staff members, appeal on the forums, Omri, on Behalf of all involved staff members (outside of this, I know why, my anger towards everyone)

Why you should be Unbanned: No the punishment was right on the money, I was wrong to snap at everyone. I was blinded by rage, I hurt others. It was a shitty thing for me to do and I never should have taken it this far, I felt attacked when there wasn’t…I was an asshole…and it wouldn’t be the first time this happened. I was an idiot…a true scum of the earth idiot.

If you want to unbann me, fine, if not…well not as fine but understandable. But I throw myself to the mercy of the court, please allow this depressive, autistic idiot another chance to make this right.

Screenshot: none but plenty of witness’s

other note: even if this appeal goes through, I won’t be on as much, maybe for events like the defenders guild, outside of that…well not as much as I doubt people want me on

First and foremost, don’t make it too hard on yourself, we all have our bad days.
Saying that, being angry does not fully excuse your behavior. while at the same time, does provide a reasonable explanation for your actions, I do believe you still have a place in this community, with a probationary clause added.

We would still like to see you being a part of the community, as an active member if you agree to the following terms:

  1. Apologize to all affected parties.
  2. Refrain from abusing the diamond/emerald cycles in the future.

If you agree to the terms, which I believe are more than fair, given the circumstances.
Your ban would be reduced to a temporary ban consisting of time already served.

I hope you do agree to said terms, as I’d like to see you back online sooner rather than later.


of course I agree to these terms, and I have been behind the scenes over discord apologies to as many people I can get ahold of, Filthy I think is the only person I haven’t be able to get in contact with

as for the diamonds and emerald, agreed, my apologies.

Yeah being angry didn’t excuse my behavior, this was all on me, I acted irrationally and yeah…like I said I was an asshole.

Thank you for showing mercy on me

Very well, you can consider yourself pardoned.

Appeal approved, effective Immediatly.