BrenTenkage's Application

Minecraft Username: BrenTenkage

Preferred Race: Human, though later becoming a vampire via roleplay I wouldn’t mind, same with werewolf or I don’t know a lich LOL

Discord Username (if applicable): BrenTenkage

Have you read the community rules and agree to follow them?
Seem pretty standard, easy to understand and respect, will try to get WAILA and NEI LOL need those
How did you hear about this server? just looking for a roleplaying server

Tell us a little about yourself: the world revolving intensifies yeah I’m fine, a little crazy song really intensifies yeah totally not a crazy autistic with depression who just wants to pretend he is someone else to get outo f the nightmare that is his life if even for a brief moment…
real talk I do enjoy roleplaying games and so one figure I’d become a traveling merchant, of what…well I’ll figure that out LOL

concept: a traveling adventuring merchant, who loves finding new treasure or hell making new ones (like in DF make interesting items and artifacts) pretty optimistic but sadly the world might not be so kind to him

I plan depending on diffiuclty to go hardcore with my characters
they die…they die
though if the game is brutal, then I won’t LOL

Approved, Welcome to RPC!