BrenTenkages Second Appeal

Staff Member that Banned you: @FaintingHope
Your Username: BrenTenkage

Reason of Ban: “Best Wishes Bren” (I know the real reason, exploding on @RandoTheG when he made a joke at my expense which I took too personally, not realizing it was a joke)

Why you should be Unbanned: I explained why to Fainting and Omri, I messed up, I didn’t realize it was just a joke, I was an idiot…like always. I told Fainting and Omri I was gonna take a break, I did not say to ban me. Nor was I told I would be banned for this, it just suddenly happened when I noticed in the discord I was off it again.

Look I know I fucked up, I really do. I just…I love this server I really do. I didn’t mean to lose it, I’ve been stressing out worried bout m yfolks and the virus, then being joked on something I worked hard on, I know I took it too personal but please give me another chance.

This is the best roleplay server where I can spread my creativity, nothing like it out.
Screenshot: [Screenshot of Punishment here if relevent] None but witness’s namely Rando, Peeach, Filthy, Fainting and Omri

I’m sorry Bren, I’ve got some bad news.

My decision will stand and you will remain banned.

Your recent actions have shown that you no longer have a place here. I wish you the best in your personal endeavors and in finding a new server and community to become a part of.

I…I am so sorry…

Well…I guess its good bye