Carcass Fatberg

Character Name: Carcass Fatberg

Name(s) and Titles: “The Vulture”
Nickname(s) or Alter-Ego: None

Personal Information:
Race: Goblin
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Nationality/Ethnicity: Lyconian
Religion: None
Appearance: Relatively short, being 5’1, Carcass is as gaunt as you can get before it’s considered skeletal. He has a crooked and pointy nose, 2 large and even pointier ears, and a smile full of teeth so foul that they could melt paint.

Height: 5’1
Hair: None, besides a short and pointy goatee.
Eyes: Black and beady.
Commonly Worn Clothing: Iron Armor
Physical Mannerisms: A bit of a frown constantly on his face.
Scars/Injuries: Missing ring finger on left hand.
Voice: Scratchy, like a smoker’s. On the higher end.

Family and Friends:
Father: Stench Fatberg
Mother: Pus Fatberg
Siblings: Rot “The Rat” Fatberg
Extended Family: Don Fatberg
Children: None
Friends: Rot “The Rat” Fatberg
Alliances: All of the Fatberg Clan/Carrion Crawlers Mercenary Company
Backstory: Carcass is a mercenary of the Carrion Crawlers Mercenary Company and a member of the Fatberg Clan, which are one and the same. Carcass, nicknamed “The Vulture” by his Clan for his love of scavenging the corpses of the undead and bandits for small, easily missed goods to pawn off later, loves his job. The Carrion Crawlers primarily deal in Humanoid targets, Undead and Bandits for the most part. Run like a business by Don Fatberg, Clan Fatberg has their greasy mitts in many businesses, running protection rackets with their Mercenary Company. But Carcass doesn’t work on that side of things, no siree. He’s on the more legal end, doing actual mercenary work, and getting his next mission from his friend Rot. The Carrion Crawlers emblem is that of a maggot.
Characteristics and Personality: Nasty, Somewhat serious, Greedy

Occupation: Mercenary
Education: None
Strengths: Won’t betray the job (mostly out of fear of The Don)
Weaknesses: Money, Will do anything The Don tells him.
Likes/Hobbies/Values: Money, Raw Meat
Dislikes/Phobias: Spiders, they Give him the heebie jeebies. Baths.
Fatal Flaws: Greed
Skills: Axes, Light on his feet, Archery, Scavenging, Building.
Dreams/Long-term Desires: Fixing up his house
Mental Stability/Lack of: He’s. A goblin. Not the most stable of creatures.
Secrets: Unknown

Extra Questions:
What is the one item your character cannot live without? Money
What would break your character mentally? Death of his Clan