Carol's Bio

Character Name:

Name(s) and Titles: Carol Riley
Nickname(s) or Alter-Egos: Unknown

Personal Information:

Race: Human
Age: Early 20’s
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unknown
Nationality: Lyconian
Religion: Does not follow any deities


Height/Weight: 5’2, 133lbs
Hair: Medium length dark red layered hair
Eyes: Bright blue doe shaped eyes
Commonly Worn Clothing: Simple shirts and pants/skirts. She wears a necklace under her clothing.
Physical Mannerisms: She has a host of nervous ticks that include occasional stuttering, picking at her nails, putting her hand on her neck, biting her lip, and playing with her hair
Scars/Injuries: None
Voice: Quiet and soft tone of voice, often stutters and speaks too fast when nervous

Family and Friends:

Father: James Riley, a doctor in a small town in Lyconia
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Children: None
Friends: None
Alliances: None


–To be added–

Characteristics and Personality:

Occupation: Traveler/Explorer
Education: Tutored by her Father
Strengths: Selfless, empathetic, and big of heart
Weaknesses: Physically, mentally, and all around weak at most everything
Likes/Hobbies/Values: She enjoys exploring nature, seeing new places, and meeting nice people
Dislikes/Phobias: Anything dangerous, especially intimidating people and weapons. She’s terrified of other’s opinions of her, and will constantly try to please others.
Fatal Flaws: She’s incredibly weak and manipulable, really just an easy victim
Skills: Academically talented (reading/writing/arithmetic) and fairly good spacial/climbing skill
Dreams/Long-term Desires: She wants to one day meet her mother and explore the world. She also wishes to one day be able to keep a friend.
Mental Stability/Lack of: Likely has a severe anxiety disorder and a light dependency disorder. Has occasional blackout spells where she wakes up in a foreign place.
Secrets: And why would I tell you that?

Extra Questions:

What is the one item your character cannot live without?
The necklace she wears under her shirt
What matters most to your charater?
Other people’s opinions of her
What’s your character’s type or archetype?
The Victim Complex
If you could describe your character in one sentence, what would you say?
The epitome of the perfect victim, weak and easy to manipulate- however, she’s more than she appears to be
What would break your character mentally?
Emotional abuse, any abuse or torture in general

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