Character Bio-Cross Ulfar

Cross Ulfar
Age: 55
Dark Elf
Tzar of Domus

Cross is about 6’2", grey skin, and dark hair.

Raised in a dark elf hold deep underground, he lusted for an adventurous life. As soon as he was of age he left his hold and began adventuring.

Cross is a beast master and is never seen traveling without a monstrous companion. He has tamed tarasques and manticores, but has a new found soft spot for a juvenile wyvern.

Cross wield’s Runefang, an ancient sword smithed by the master smith Meitou.

Much of his life Cross has been a drifter, but has since had more of a settled life since coming to Lyconia. He can be found usually at the Salty Dog tavern, in “The New Sea”.

Picture: A drawing of Cross and his Wyvern companion Plum

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