Character Sheet - Wulfric

Name: Wulfric ??

Titles: Master at Arms of the Sellsword Guild

Race: Dwarf

Age: 67

Gender: Male

Nationality: ??

Religion: Azana

Appearance: Wulfric is average height for a dwarf, around 4’7". He is of average weight. He has short, grayish white hair and a full, grayish white beard. He has vibrant emerald eyes. He typically wears a set of white and gold full plate. He has several scars, but the only visible one is a scar that crosses his right eye. He speaks in a loud, somewhat deep voice that carries. He tends to speak in a calm, gruff tone, but excitement and eagerness fills his voice in battle.

Father: None of your business

Mother: ^

Siblings: You heard me

Extended Family: Not gonna repeat myself

Children: None

Backstory: Why you asking so many questions, eh?

Occupation: Sellsword

Education: Moderate academic education, expert martial education, strong religious education

Strengths: Combat, drinking, brewing

Weaknesses: Politeness, manners, caring about your problems

Likes: Combat, drinking, brewing

Dislikes: Long conversations, prying questions, people

Hobbies: Combat, drinking, brewing

Values: Strength, Courage, Hardwork

Long Term Desires: Make money, continue fighting

Mental Stability: Dwarven