Character Stats! [test]

this is a test to see if this can work in an rp enviroment as well as quests and events

Character stat meanings!

Melee: this determines your ability to hit and damage in melee range, this is useful for close range dps and tank characters. For every point you invest, you get a +1 bonus to melee attacks.

Ranged: this determines your ability to hit and damage from afar, this is useful for rangers and other forms of ranged characters, for every point you invest you get a +1 to ranged attacks

Magic: this determines your ability to cast and use magic for the mage, necromancer, and bard classes! For every point you invest you get a +1 bonus to to bard, mage, and necromancer skill rolls!

Conviction: this determines your ability to use cleric and druid abilities! Every point you invest grants you a +1 to druid and cleric specific skill rolls

Vigor: Your baseline HP is 3, for every two points you invest into Vigor you gain a +1 total to your overall hp

Defense: this determines your ability to defend against attacks and spells! Every point you invest adds a +1 bonus to your defense rolls.

People get 6 points to work with with an additional +2 based on their class choice.

You cannot invest anymore than 3 points in any given area EXCEPT Vigor, where your max is 6.
You cannot go above a +5 with any roll unless your skill specifically gives you a higher modifier for your roll, in which case: you use the skills modifier without adding your own modifiers.

Melee: 3

Ranged: 0

Magic: 0

Conviction: 0

Vigor: 2

Defense: 2

Class choice bonuses

When you pick your class and do not multiclass, you get a bonus +2 from any of the stat bonuses your class grants you, you may only pick one bonus.
I.E: Warriors have to choose between Vigor, melee, or defense.
Multiclassing does not grant you any bonuses.

Warrior choice: +2 vigor, melee, or defense

Ranger: +2 ranged or Vigor

Mage and Necromancer: +2 magic or vigor

Bard: +2 magic or melee

Cleric: +2 Conviction or Defense

Druid: +2 Conviction or Ranged

Rogue: +2 Ranged or Melee

Barbarian: +2 Vigor or Melee