Citizen Application for allieverdoiswin

Minecraft Username: allieverdoiswin

Date approved for Villager: May 10th, 2021

Why I deserve Citizen:
I have played on RPC for a while now though I took a small break. I have recently rejoined and plan to keep in attendance. I also have extensive knowledge of DMing and plan on assisting where needed with this knowledge.

RPC experience so far:
I built a little on the other map and have started a build on this new map as well. I also met a few cool people and got accused of hacking. So pretty fun time so far.


Doesn’t seem to be a hacker, that issue was cleared, friendly player, and he brought his girlfriend to join the server :slight_smile:

Aallie is a very helpful player, he’s really nice with me and other players. Indeed his way of mining is very suspicious but after a while checking on him I reached to the conclusion that he’s just weird XD I recommend this player for citizen