Citizen application relylolz

my minecraft username is relylolz

I got approved to be villager on aug 2

I think i should be citizen because I’ve been on the server actively and I haven’t broken many rules, worst thing I’ve done is take some diamond leggings in one of the community chests without asking, plus I recommended the server to my friend.

Please and Thank you : )

:slight_smile: that’s not breaking a rule. I put those in there since I was not gonna use them. I’m glad you’re enjoying the server mostly!

ah yes a citizen app, by the delightful polite and witty rely. definitely a person of good standing on this server, and worthy of any benefits we can share with them. although, rely, i must advise to be wary of superficiality, and privilege that is earned in depersonalized tests. my fellow visitor, the basis of all meaningful excellence is the experience we share together.