Community Update 2.5 2020-10-25

:star: Greetings, and hello once again to our roleplaycraft community! I hope everyone is staying safe and well during this time of year as things are getting colder and turning towards winter. Here is another update regarding the changes we are making to our community and Minecraft server.

:star: So in regards to our roleplaycraft community, we would like to congratulate Raziel_Sai for becoming the latest addition to our community management! He was previously a staff helper and has shown a lot of ambition and drive for the community and Minecraft server! Please give him a big congratulations on becoming our latest community manager!

:gear: Roleplaycraft Minecraft Server Updates :gear:

:yellow_circle: So with our latest staff meeting, we have a couple of changes that are taking place on the roleplay Minecraft server.

:yellow_circle: We have implemented two resource gathering worlds They are resource_world and resource_nether. To get to the resource world do /warp resource-world in order for you to get to resource-nether you must create a nether portal inside of resource_world to visit the resource nether. This will allow players to build on the current world and do minor terraforming, instead of having to strip mine and crater and gouge the current world map of its terrain and resources. Please note that these resource worlds will be reset on a monthly basis or as needed.

:yellow_circle: We are also going to be tinkering around in the future with custom mobs and alterations via plugins that you do not have to install or download to your clients in order to play on our server. We are also reimplementing the Minecraft mob phantoms back into the server due to having the sleep data pack/plugin where only one player needs to sleep in order to turn it from night back into day. We think this is just because of the sleep data pack/plugin being available for everyone to simply hop into a bed to change it from night to day.

:yellow_circle: You may also notice that spawn will be changing to reflect some more changes that are in the works that we will discuss at a later date.

:yellow_circle: We hope that you are enjoying the festive decorations that surround spawn as we begin to release a couple of holiday-related events and some non-holiday related events!

:scroll: Lore :scroll:

:yellow_circle: We are aware that people are holding off on playing due to lack of lore and related content surrounding lore so we are hastily working on finishing lore by implementing hard deadlines in order to fulfill people’s requests and need for lore and world-building! We hope to complete lore by the end of December 2020 before new years.

:yellow_circle: We have some good news about lore though! We are currently working on the following lore and will be publishing them soon to the forums under the official lore tab:

  • Werewolves
  • Gnomes
  • Lupians
  • World Origins/ Plotline

We have some recently finished lore also!

  • Vampyres (I highly suggest you read it, our staff member Raziel did an amazing job!)

Also I would just like to point out this heartfelt announcement:

And I hope everyone continues to have a fantastic day/evening!
With lots of love, your Roleplaycraft Community Staff :heartpulse:

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