Dark Elves

:elf:Dark Elves :elf:

Drow, also known as dark elves, deep elves, night elves or sometimes “The Ones Who Went Below” on the surface, are a dark-skinned sub-race of elves that predominantly live in the Underdark or in the cavernous area beneath the earth.

:new_moon:Physical Description :new_moon:

Dark elves appear just as their name suggests; they boast the inherent height all Elves have, though they are often regarded as the shortest of their ilk. Their skin, grey, charred, or black reflect the fiery conditions they came from.

  • Common Height: 6” to 6’11” (183-211 cm)
  • Common Build: Often lithe, though a bit more muscular than their relatives
  • Common Eyes: Crimson, Purple, Gold, Orange
  • Common Hair: Black, White, Grey
  • Common Skin Tone: Black, Blue, Grey, rarely White

:crossed_swords:Culture :crossed_swords:

Dark Elves, unlike most other Elves, are not very fond users of magic. Living in such an intense climate, around volcanoes and mountainous terrain, their ancestors first boosted their ability to utilize mana, even challenging the High Elves with their natural abilities. However, the usage of mana in such a greedy way had corrupted them. Not only did their ability to use mana lower drastically over time, but their forms themselves were stained, turning their skin into darker tones. They have adapted to aggressive and secretive tactics due to their hostile environments. They are excellent assassins, and those of which who are still able to utilize mana often find themselves as spellblades.

:boom:Mechanics :boom:

Lifespan: 180 to 220 years

Dark Elves have adapted a slight resistance to heat and boiling temperatures, and do not feel the blows of magic as heavily as a Human. They are not resilient to magic to the level of the Dwarves, but they find themselves still able to cast mediocre spells. However, these Drow are nearly incapable of trespassing cold climates. They are easily spotted during the day due to their dark tones. This also allows them the ability to easily trespass and evade chasers during the night, though.

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