Defenders of Lyconia Questline

Siegfried the Knight, a renowned Lyconian hero, has invited all who are brave enough to join the Defenders of Lyconia. This organization was founded by Siegfried recently following a bandit raid on Hjemulver, a town near Icemark. The bandits were successfully stopped by young heroes recruited by Siegfried.
The success of this initiative gave Siegfried hope in the next generation and opened his eyes to the many problems currently plaguing Lyconia.

This is why the Defenders of Lyconia was created. To defend the innocents and battle the forces of Evil in Lyconia.
There is an additional note from Siegfried himself: Of course Defenders will be paid, but this shouldn’t be the primary reason to join. You should join because you wish to see Lyconia become a better place.

The questline will be taking place weekly on Wednesdays at 8:30 PM EST.

Events will be a mix of Roleplay-only, Roleplay with PvE, Puzzles, and other forms of gameplay.

Related Lore:

The event went pretty well today!
Given a choice between five different quests by the Defenders of Lyconia, the players chose to save a village from bandits (the Reavers of the Red Dawn again) for 1500 G total.
Unfortunately, they were unable to defeat the bandits and ended up having to flee the village.
The bandits have regrouped and only gotten stronger now, their bounty rising to 2500 G total.
If you want to help take them down once and for all (or choose another Defenders of Lyconia quest), join us next Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern time!

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Given a choice between seven different quests, the new Defenders of Lyconia recruits chose to liberate a wood elf Clan from the tyrannical assaults of a local green dragon for 3000 G total. Unfortunately, when they finally arrived at the dragon’s lair, they were tricked into believing that the Dragon was the victim here and that it was being constantly invaded by the local elven clans.

The quest ended with one of the party members going rogue and stealing from the elves while the others learned the truth, that the Green Dragon had attacked first, and returned to the Guild Hall to collect their Recruit Pins.

Though they were unable to complete the quest, a valuable lesson was learned, and they will surely defeat the dragon the next time this quest is chosen!
If you want to help slay the beast (or choose another Defenders of Lyconia quest), join us next Wednesday at 8:30 PM Eastern time!

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The event was completed successfully! Finally! The new DoL recruits chose to track down and defeat a necromancer that had been kidnapping children in the city of Lyconia for 1250 G total. They found the mage performing a ritual and eventually killed him. They earned their cuts and officially became members of the Defenders of Lyconia!

If you want to fight baddies and make some money while doing so, join us next Wednesday at 8:30 PM Eastern time!

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