Do I really have to say more?


January 20th, 2020

Alright. I’ll list everything here. I joined the server… wasn’t too active until March 2020. I met Nico on March 14th, he helped me build the Shire, and I Solidaridad. I try my best to be friendly to the player base my entire stay, I applied for builder rank and had a 2-month build trial where I worked on the shire, Solidaridad, The small people’s confederation, a giant witch mansion, Algarondas, and then after was promoted to the builder after being VIP for 2 months. I then soon after was made head builder because Ziel retired. Then the server died, even after the map switch. I and Nico left for a month or two playing on different servers but then decided to come back because we missed our server and our beautiful city of Shoto. So for months we played alone building Shoto into the spectacular city that it is. Then we had some people join, and the server revived. Not after we lost like all of our staff and the owners had given up, and I became both head mod and builder… And yeah, that sums it up, and RPC is still alive thanks to Nico and me, you’re welcome. <3


I approve of her post, she has been an amazing, person, friend, and moderator.

I’m not approving this until you correct that ‘your’ in the end of the application. But I’m too lazy to wait so approved

I think the unexpected map switch got rid of a lot of newer players.

players stopped coming before the map switch