Dragon God: Corr'horn

Corr’horn: The God of Revenge, Doom, and Evil
Realm: Tenebris

Corr’horn takes his physical form as an obsidian dragon, who once fell in love with a lizardfolk…
As a child, Corr’horn has been jealous of the attention his other siblings had received, his magic (which has been long forgotten) turned corrupted and dark, and all living things he touched withered away. As he grows older and older, his magic becomes more powerful, and he steals and feeds of the souls of all creatures. He sometimes will battle his brother, Bhisuth, and enter the dreams of creatures as their worst nightmare, or a horrific beast… If the being does not find a way to escape, Corr’horn will drink their soul from over their body, and they fall still in their sleep into an eternal nightmare of death and fear, within the stomach of Corr’horn.

To most, Corr’horn only speaks in screams and blood-curdling shrieks of death and whispers as ghostly as the wind. Only those who are insane and other gods understand his words. As his love Vaska was one of these, few, they bonded greatly, and he vowed never to touch her in a harmful way, and as his love grew, he was able to join with her in unity. A few weeks after giving birth to thousands of eggs (poor soul), she was slaughtered in her village for blasphemy and Corr’horn sought revenge and vowed to punish humanity for its sins. After taking all the eggs of his children, he scattered them across the worlds. In the overworld, they are located in the depths of caves. Few in the nether have been found in the basalt biomes, and only one has ever been found in the end, in which he guarded. No one is sure why… All eggs that are found are brought to the Empire of Shoto, which guards the eggs or even destroys them if they believe it to be necessary.

The eggs themselves hold demi-gods who choose to take the shape of usually, shadow-like dragons. They are very intelligent, and like their father, suck the souls out of creatures to feed themselves. These children are called Shadowmelders or Zel’Drun.

The realm of Tenebris is a dark realm with an almost starless night sky, with little land spread over an endless void of darkly colored fire.

The “religion” that the elite warriors follow isn’t so much a religion where they worship Corr’horn, but a code to slay him over and over, in order to protect the city, country, and world. The religion is called Draconism. The few who worship Corr’horn wear colors of red, black, purple, and the occasional grays and a little white. However, due to the fact that these are also the colors that the Ninjas generally wear (the slayers of Corr’horn), they blend in, and no one questions which side they are on. Due to the majority of the world hating Corr’horn though, his shrines are often in hidden locations such as secret chambers or in households of people who hold a lot of hate in their heart for one reason or another or are literally insane.

The Ninja Guild; which is the better-known side of the religion (the good side) started with a small group of warriors was sent to find him and kill his physical form to prevent the destruction of the world, which, after many years of searching they succeeded, but knowing gods are immortal, the elite group of warriors that vowed to train to protect the Empire (Shoto) and the world they serve and slay his physical form each time he revives.

Both sides of the Religion are called Draconism in order to avoid being caught worshiping Corr’horn.