Dragon God

This is just something I would like to add to the lore for the dragon religion of my city… As a minor God (I spoke with raven about this).

Corr’horn: The God of Revenge, Doom, and Evil
Realm: Tenebris

Corr’horn takes his physical form as an obsidian dragon, who once fell in love with a lizardfolk… However, she was one night, brutally murdered for blasphemy. Corr’horn then slipped away into obscurity for a few thousand years, vowing to one day punish humanity for their sins. A small group of warriors was sent to find him and kill his physical form to prevent the destruction of the world, in which, after many years of searching they succeeded, but knowing gods are immortal, they created an elite group of warriors that vowed to train to protect the empire they serve and slay his physical form each time he revives. It is said, the black and violet eggs of ender, are the children of Corr’horn and his murdered love, Vaska.

The “religion” that the elite warriors follow isn’t so much a religion where they worship Corr’horn, but a code to slay him over and over, in order to protect the city, country, and world. The religion is called Draconism.

The realm of Tenebris is a dark realm with an almost starless night sky, with little land spread over an endless void of darkly colored fire.