Dragons and Dragon Variants

Dragons are large flying semi-reptilian monsters that usually possess four legs and two bat-like wings. Other notable features are their forked tongues, their narrow triangular heads and their long slender necks. All dragons share a love of treasure and they tend to gather hoards of gold and other valuables.
Dragons are very solitary creatures, preferring to live alone in their dens and surrounding territory rather than living with other dragons in clans. Most dragons live their lives in cycles of activity and hibernation, the extremity of these cyclical rhythms depending on the dragon variant.
Unlike many beasts, dragons have the capability to be intelligent and some can even speak in Common. They have a natural lifespan that can range from 1,000-1,500 years, while they usually mature at around 50-100 years. They are divided into different types based on their environment and color.

Types of Dragons
Forest Dragon

Forest Dragons, also known as Green Dragons, are the most common variant of dragons and typically inhabit the forested wilderness. They are usually greenish in color and can breath toxic chlorine gas that can burn through weak metal. These dragons are almost the most fiercely protective of their territory, just behind Fire Dragons.

Typical Lifespan: 1,000 years
Maximum Length: 60’ (18 m)
Maximum Wingspan: 54’ (16.5 m)
Maximum Weight: 120,000 lbs (54,400 kg)

Frost Dragon

Frost Dragons, also known as White Dragons, are an uncommon subspecies typically found in the more Northern, colder regions of Erranor and tend to be white, silvery, or light blue in color. They are usually larger than their green counterparts and could use their icy breath to quickly freeze unsuspecting enemies solid.

Typical Lifespan: 1,200 years
Maximum Length: 74’ (22.5 m)
Maximum Wingspan: 66’ (20 m)
Maximum Weight: 300,000 lbs (136,000 kg)

Mountain Dragon

Mountain Dragons, also known as Gray Dragons, are a rare variant of dragon that can be found in underground cave systems, usually being discovered in dwarven mines. They are very poor flyers, but have very powerful horns and tails that are covered in bony spikes. They prefer to live in the darkness, which they can see through. Though Mountain Dragons are unique in their inability to use their breath as a weapon, they are exceptionally skilled at physical combat since lethal spikes grow on their body. They are slightly larger than Frost Dragons and gray in color.

Typical Lifespan: 1,400 years
Maximum Length: 80’ (24 m)
Maximum Wingspan: 72’ (22 m)
Maximum Weight: 400,000 lbs (181,000 kg)

Fire Dragon

Fire Dragons, also known as Red Dragons, are a very rare subspecies of dragon that live in the caves inside of mountains and hills. They tend to be much larger than Mountain Dragons and are reddish in color. They can also breath fire hot enough to melt metal. Fire Dragons are the most prideful and the most territorial among dragon variants, attacking most creatures that dare to enter their domain.

Typical Lifespan: 1,250 years
Maximum Length: 100’ (30.5 m)
Maximum Wingspan: 90’ (27.5 m)
Maximum Weight: 750,000 lbs (340,000 kg)

Obsidian Dragon

Obsidian Dragons, also known as Black Dragons, are the rarest, largest and most powerful subspecies of dragon; typically one is seen near civilization every five to ten thousand years. Their scales are always completely pitch-black and they can spit streams of acid that is capable of destroying any armor. While they are usually found in swamps and marshlands, they can make their den in caves in just about any habitat.

Typical Lifespan: 1,500 years
Maximum Length: 120’ (37 m)
Maximum Wingspan: 135’ (41 m)
Maximum Weight: 1,280,000 lbs (580,000 kg)

Other Variants
There are a few other variants that may possibly exist. Some, like Gold Dragons, have never been seen before and are considered myths. Others, like Copper Dragons, are believed to have been freak mutations and are so rare, having been seen only once or twice throughout history, that they usually aren’t even considered when listing dragon variants.

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