Economy and Currency

Lately it has come to my attention that there is an issue with the economy regarding how in game currency can be generated. So far the only ways to acquire currency is by voting, limit admin shop, and other players. I would love to hear other peoples ideas on how to solve this issue.

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also noticed this issue, these are two plugins/Ideas i think would help with the economy and currency and also establish more roleplay between people.

I think quests would be beneficial and make for fun little adventures and chances to roleplay with other people while working on quests to earn some extra cash and experience. Here is the link to the plugin i looked at but maybe there are better ones out there?

I think people having jobs for their minecraft character would help with roleplay and roleplay ideas in general, also giving a sense of purpose to ones character. After comepleting a job earn a small amount of cash for doing that task. There is probably better plugin or custom plugin but this is what sparked the idea for me, also reading previous discord comments in the #mc-feedback area.

Should probably mention that the pillager questline(yes, it is a questline) would be based mostly on cash rewards.

Cash rewards aren’t really exciting for a lot of players though. Especially people who focus on Roleplay, where GC doesn’t really do a whole lot. And even for more Survival/McMMO focused players, it’s much less cooler than items or weapons.

And given the frequency of events, it can’t really support any kind of “economy” at least the way we’re talking about it

I don’t personally really believe there is any issue with the current way the economy is structured. Of course I don’t mind adding new ways to make money, such as the referrals system, but if anything starts to undermine voting as the main way to make money then nobody will do it. And voting helps our server grow a lot more than you think.
The only real major cash sinks are the admin shop/black market, warps, and the no mob-spawning region flag. And they all have pretty reasonable prices, especially for something as big as a warp, which should have multiple players invested in getting it.
I like the idea of Quests for modest cash rewards, after all we had that on Anduir and it was pretty fun, but I don’t think we should return to Jobs. Jobs ended up rewarding the people who grinded the most, not necessarily the people who sold for the cheapest prices and voted/referred to help the server grow. Jobs made it possible for people to earn tens of thousands of dollars in a day.
I’m willing to listen if people are saying the economy is on fire, but I’m still not completely convinced this is the case.

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Personally, I believe that money is good for both Roleplay players and even more for Survival/McMMO players. Money can be exchanged for goods and services. This works in both RP and Survival.

Quick examples:

Survival players can buy things at the market through other player’s shops, personally I like to buy everyone out of Andesite for my flooring. It helps people working on big building projects.

Roleplay players can exchange the money for IRP things like drinks and food inside of taverns or at blacksmiths for a repair on their weapons.

My MAIN gripe with the economy is that it’s hard to gain cash, there’s like a few ways to get cash:

  • Set up a player shop - circulates player money.
  • Sell to an admin shop - a waste of materials, but I’m guilty of it.
  • Voting - up to $150 a day, but it shouldn’t be the main source of income like it is currently IMO. I do realize that it helps the server, but the people that vote every day aren’t voting for the money-- they’re voting for the server.
  • Quest events which are time-gates and requires a character that would participate in these events, personally I don’t have one that would.

There should be a way to generate money through things that aren’t throwing materials into an admin shop fire or voting every-day. It doesn’t have to outdo voting if that’s what you wish, but personally I believe that voting is already incentivized to get new players. The cash reward only makes the new players vote instead of the long term players because we vote for no reward. At least, I do. :^)

I agree that jobs were a terrible idea for the last map, the explorer job was a broken thing for people with elytra and it would be even more broke now that Ceetak get free unbreakable elytra. I do not know what could be done for it currently but maybe an EXTREMELY nerfed jobs, so the other things are still viable for get rich quicks I suppose, but you can still get like maybe $50 a day just by playing. You’d still have to remove a few of the jobs if this route is chosen because explorer and builder could be extremely abused for quick cash.

Things to think about. We’ll see what we can come up with!

I think limiting income potential is very important.
It allows prices to stay relatively low as there are not voluminous amounts of cash on hand. This keeps shops and asks in range for new players.

Having a set daily amount, as we currently have for voting, helps determine value of items on the server. For example, knowing a new player only has 150Gc on their first day of voting means youre not going to price Iron armor at 500Gc for the set.

Money for voting is the MOST IMPORTANT thing. Voting = new players, new players = economy and a vibrant server base. If we stray from voting for cash we wont get votes. Sure altruism is beautiful but wish for votes in one hand and pay for votes in the other and see what you get :slight_smile:

GC can be a great reward for RPers.
Are you a travelling soldier out for fame and glory? Then why are you acting like a farmer and growing your own food? Visit a market and live that RP for real.
Need a new sword? Your not a blacksmith, better have some GC and hope a shopkeeper has what you need. Heck, you might even have to overland travel to get to a city of great importance that houses a clan of Dwarven smiths who have JUST the item your looking for…

With just 30 daily players voting, the total money IN the economy goes from 0 to 4500 on day ONE and goes to 135,000 in one month not counting Admin shop.
Its EASY to inflate an economy and HARD to sink it back to size. :slight_smile:


If one of the main ways to make money is the main quest-line that kinda sucks. I havent been able to attend any events because due to my time-zone it’s also scheduled at 3 am in the morning : /

The main ways to make money right now are mostly just voting and selling to other players/the Admin Shop. Quests do bring in some money, but, at least so far, most players haven’t participated in quests anyways. And the money they do bring isn’t that much more than voting brings in. So there’s not really a huge advantage at all for people who come to quests, it’s more for roleplay and quest items.
Also, there are some events that go on at more reasonable times, like the Pillager questline Omri’s doing. It’s really just the Wednesday one that’s at a bad time for Europeans

What if voting got you a key for voting on all three sites and we get the chests back from the last areas that spins for a cash rewards?

$50 could be 20%
$100 could be 20%
$150 could be 20%
$200 could be 12.5%
$250 could be 6.5%
$1000 could be 1%

A job system makes money, but it’s passive and not very interesting. Why not expand the Admin Shop? The spawn is full of empty buildings that could be turned into shops (it would be even better if villagers did the selling instead of signs, but I don’t know if there’s a mod that lets villagers deal in $ instead of emeralds). Selling logs at the lumberyard is more immersive than magically getting money every time you cut down a tree.

To keep up the appearance of a living world, the prices could fluctuate. You could just give an arbitrary story reason for the change or tie it to the in-game events. Fighting all those bandits has to be improving trade somewhere.