Elder Application For Chrisman1233

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:calendar: The date you applied for Whitelist: :calendar:
May 16, 2020

:honey_pot: Why you think you deserve Elder (4-8 Sentences Long)
Now that I have access to the /fly command, I can truly begin to build awsome places to roleplay in, from making massive castles above ground, to detailed lava spewing dwarven fortresses below. I am truly looking forward to what I can create!

:question: If you could change one rule on RPC, Which rule would you change?, why? (Two paragraphs at most): :question: None, I wouldn’t change any of the rules, they have worked for years, why change them in any way shape or form?

:exclamation: If you could add one plugin to the server, Which plugin would you add?, why? (Two paragraphs at most): :exclamation: I would add a plugin the would allow us to use any blocks as a gate, or a drawbridge, for instance, lets say you wanted a 4x9 iron block door that opens and closes, or a wooden drawbridge that disappears and reappears.

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Interesting plugin choice! I do believe something that can make fences be used as a gate… Maybe elaborate more? but yeah, I’d like to see your progress building

Chris is a great builder, good friend and player and I trust he will build something awesome! Also, after rehabilitation he started giving up consuming so many stones lol

From what I’ve seen of Chris, he’s a good man and a good builder. For having a long enough history w/ RPC as a whole, and for contributions to the server, he definitely deserves the role and its perks.

One more to go!

oh oh oh now its my turn! :stuck_out_tongue:

This one is a long time coming, for real.

A good person and a rather helpful one at times.

You got my approval :smiley: