Endret Stonefoot Bio

Endret Stonefoot

Race: Dwarf
Age: Old
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Build: 4’9”/144 cm, 150lbs/68kg
Hair: White, long. Beard is knotted
Eyes: Black
Commonly Worn Clothing: Endret is usually only seen wearing a large, blue with fur trimmed cloak and hood. He typically wears black within. “Life gets colder as ye get older,” he’s said in regards to this.
Voice: His accent is typical of a dwarf (IE pseudo Celtic) and he’s rather well spoken for his kind. His voice is also frail, given his age.

Father & Mother: Dravin and Maria Stonefoot
Siblings: Unknown
Extended Family: Rest of the Stonefoot Clan
Children: None

“Left me clan at a young age, ah was somewhere in me twenties. Wanted to seek out me own way, ye know? Worked as a hunter from time ta time, occasionally a smith, never really settled anywhere. Guess the next mountain always seemed taller, ye know? Came to these lands some, eh, ten years ago. Have me own little place out in the countryside. Been rather nice, bein’ alone, then suddenly all these migrants came in. Guess ah can’t be too judgmental now, huh? Ah was new to these lands too, once.”

Occupation: “Retired”
Education: Endret was raised in the classic schools of dwarven thought, though he’s stated he’s learned a lot more in his lonely travels
Strengths: Despite his age, the dwarf still possesses incredible dwarven strength. Given he tends to carry a war hammer with him and can be easily annoyed, it’s best not to upset him
Weaknesses: Endret is still old and frail. A younger dwarf could take him on in a fight. He can also tend to get emotional when it comes to family, stating he misses his own.
Languages: Common, Dwarven
Secrets: While Endret doesn’t mind talking about his people or his past, he tends to keep a lot of information on himself private - his interests and so on

Extra Questions:

What would break your character mentally? Losing yet another family.

Why else does he live alone?