Event Scheduel and Map Release Date!

:star2:Hello Everyone! :star2:

We have events booked for the 1st week of January with the map being released by the end of the week (late on the 7th or early 8th). The events start on the 1st January to the 7th January. The events range from roleplay based to non-roleplay competitions. All events are welcoming to newbies and new charaters, so no worries!

1st Jan - Wednesday
All peasants are invited to the Royal Wedding of Alex Fletburg and Sam Yondor, atleast until there is a runaway bride! Can we convince the bride to stay? Or do you help them escape their cruel marriage? :wedding:
Location: Oceanside Church

2nd Jan - Thursday
Fishing Competition! Who can catch the most fish? :fish:
Location: Guildrich Docks

3rd Jan - Friday
People gather to share stories around a campfire and to feast on roasted beast, vegetables, and mead. :camping:
Location: Camp near Bumblefacque

4th Jan - Saturday
Otho Orienti’s Theatre Troop performs ‘Kiss of a King’ in the Guildrich playhouse. The play goes well until an audience member is murdered during intermission. Who has been killed? Who is the murderer? And how does the play end?! :performing_arts:
Location Guildrich Playhouse

5th Jan - Sunday
Shockbait Beauty Padgeant and Talent Show returns for the 40th year running! Hosted in the market place, who will manage to take home the prize? This includes a parkour competition! :dancer:
Location: Shockbait Marketplace

6th Jan - Monday
After a long pub crawl, you awake in a boat out at sea surrounded by strangers you shared the night with. How do you escape? And why does your head hurt so much?! :rowing_man:
Location: Boat in the middle of the ocean

7th Jan - Tuesday
It’s Hagvars’ 150th birthday and he is celebrating at the Oceanside Inn, come along for a beer, a slice of cake, and a to offer him a gift! :birthday:
Location: Oceanside Inn

:alarm_clock:Specific timings for event for will annouced closer to the time on discord/forums! :alarm_clock:

:eyes:There might be rewards for players who attend these events that will be carried over into the new map! :eyes:

:question:Ask any questions about the events on this forum post or via discord! (My username on discord is Melody-Yorik#1372):question:

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:See you soon! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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