Faerin - Capital of the Fae Dominion

Town Information
Name: Faerin
Kingdom: The Fae Dominion
Owner: Serilynia
Co-Owner: IkovRaven
Warp: Faerin
Residence: Jerik Evermoon, Nynaeve Sagehand, Rider Compton, ItzWaters, Tkraack, Sterling,Teárlag (pronounced Shar-luk), and more to be announced!
NPC Members: Queen Rosalind Amaryllis, Lady Nisserie


Long ago in a time when the world was new, Hahranna, the Goddess of Nature and Life, created a race of beings known as the Fae. Such creatures included the first elves, fairies, halflings, and other nature spirits. The Goddess gifted her most beloved guardians with her most precious stone, The Heart of Hahranna. Together these creatures assisted the Goddess with the upkeep of Natures’ most sacred places. Over time, some of these beings set out from the homeland of the Fae, and created civilizations of there own. Elven cities, settlements of halflings, groves of fairies were erected in areas where the essence of Hahranna was felt the strongest.

With time the world fell into corruption by the greed of mortals, and unnatural dark beings. To preserve and protect their sacred home The Queen of the Fae felt that the only way to keep her beloved subjects and land safe was to use the magical barriers surrounding the city to shroud the area from the world. Only those with the blood would be able to bypass the barrier, and once more enter their homeland.

Ages passed, and the sacred city and Heart of the Fae became but stories to some, and those stories became but myths carried on in whispers by the mortal races. Until one fateful day when the magic waned. Weakened by the steady siege the corrupting influences in the world had wrought. It was on this day when the world was reminded of what was hidden from them, and the veil shattered…

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A wide variety of houses and shops are now available in Faerin!

House Costs
Medium: $600
Large: $1000
Tree House: $650

Shop Costs
Stalls: $250
Mushroom: $350
Tea Cup: $500

Specialty Shops
Apothecary: $850
Bakery: $750
Blacksmith: Jerik Evermoon
Inns: $1500

Please note that the shops cannot be changed in any way other than the inside. The specialty shops have specific conditions that apply in order to qualify to purchase them.