Fairy Lore


:fairy:Fairies :fairy:

Fairies tend to resemble two feet tall elves and humans, somewhat whimsical-looking, with vividly colored transparent sturdy glass like wings. They make up for their small stature by floating at eye level with any creature they converse with; talking quickly, they tend to get over excited very easily. Fairies often tend to be very beautiful creatures. A Fairy’s small size allows them to easily hide in hard to reach places. Their extremely light and fragile bodies allow their wings to lift them high above threats. During the night Fairies are capable of giving off a faint glow that matches their eye color. The species is mostly female but there are about 1/3 males.

Most fairies tend to like to remain hidden from the sight of others. They are mischievous and love playing tricks on travelers who pass through their territory. Although they trick travelers, they are still good natured and do not like violence if it can be avoided. Fairies tend to enjoy the company of Gnomes, Elves, Half Elves, Halflings, Merfolk, and Skyfolk. They tend to be more neutral to the other races, but if any trespasser poses a threat to their homes, they will not hesitate to retaliate.

Fairies are creatures both tied to the natural world and beyond it; as fey, they are inherently tied to the forces of the natural world, and possess strange abilities. Each fairy has a talent or element that they are associated with. Whether it be magical or mundane, that they uses to full fill their function of watching over nature and bring the seasons to the world at its proper time. Some fairies are able to create magical dust, and use illusion magics. Others are tied closer to an elemental or natural force. Such as water, fire, earth, and air.

:butterfly:Physical Description :butterfly:

Height: 2 ft.–3 1/2 ft.
Weight: 8 lb.–60 lb.
Build: Slender, athletic, lithe
Eye color: Varies
Hair color: Varies
Skin tones: Fair- sun kissed. Sometimes unusually colored
Lifespan: 200 to 250 years

:dizzy:Illusionist Fairies :dizzy:

Illusionist fairies are able to generate a magical dust that they can use to put their enemies to sleep, steal their memories, or even charm them into becoming a temporary friend. They also possess innate magical powers to confuse the senses, create minor illusions, and generally befuddle the mind.

:sweat_drops:Water Fairies :sweat_drops:

Every body of water, from the smallest stream to the vast ocean, has its own protective fairy, living below the surface. These are the elemental spirits of water. Commonly referred to as “undines”. Their magic centers upon this element, whose course and function they can control. Undines exist within the water itself and cannot be seen with normal human vision. Their homes are typically within the coral caves in lakes or upon the banks of rivers, though smaller undines may choose to live under lily pads. Their appearance is similar to human beings in most cases, with the exception of those living in smaller streams or ponds. Undine clothing is shimmery, reflecting all the colors of water. Though green is typically the predominant color.

:fire:Fire Fairies :fire:

Fire fairies are the spirits of fire, and they have all the attributes of fire. Their clothing and appearance usually resemble colors of fire These fairies strive under the sun and dance under the moon to share their light. Bringers of light, and warmth. Beings of innovation, inspiration, and passion. However, their emotions and personalities can be like the element that they embody. Fire is the most mysterious of all the elements. It seems almost supernatural in comparison to earth, air or water. The spirits of fire are concerned with creativity, life energy and the spirit. Fire generates illumination within, the light of the spirit. Fire gives us the power of energy, igniting action, animation and movement. It sparks courage and acts of bravery. It heats passion and enthusiasm. Fire is the power of inner sight and creative vision, directing it and controlling it to make it manifest in the world, the dominion of Will. It is the glow of the candle flame, the warmth of the hearth, the burning heat of the desert, the incandescence of the sun. However, fire transforms what it consumes, a power which may either purify or destroy. Fire is wild and untamable, dangerous; it can burn those around it. This is true of the fire spirits too. They are intense, impatient of human ignorance; they can be intolerant of our failings, and capable of infernos of rage and intemperance.

:tornado:Air Fairies :tornado:

Fairies of Air, commonly known as Sylphs, usually live high in the mountain peaks or on top of the tallest trees. Sometimes their voices are heard on the wind or their airy forms are felt in passing, though they are rarely seen. They are described as almost transparent, very small, and winged or alternatively as tall with long feathered wings, large, hawk-like eyes, and angular faces. Some air fairies seem to represent spirits of weather. Particularly whirlwinds, wind, storm, rain, lightning, sunshine and so on. The powers of air are also concerned with the intellect, the powers of the mind, knowledge (as opposed to wisdom), logic, inspiration, information, teaching, memory, thought and communication. Like the other elements, the powers of air can be constructive or destructive. The gentle breeze cools and brings the life giving rain, but it can become the destructive hurricane. It is for this reason that the magical symbol of air is a two-edged sword

:hibiscus:Earth Fairies :hibiscus:

The earth fairies (also referred to as terrestrial fairies) are fairies who are native to the Earth. They are known for using their element as an extension of their powers. Earth fairies are concerned with the physical world, with growth, formation, strength and health. Some spirits of earth inhabit the old burial mounds, the caves and potholes that burrow deep into the earth. The earth fairies include those spirits who inhabit trees, such as dryads, nymphs, plants devas, vegetation spirits, forest fairies and mountain fairies, green ladies, and the woodwoses. All earth fairies work to cultivate, and strengthen the earth. From enriching the soil to causing plants to grow. Though Earth fairies come in all different types, their is one type of fairy that comes in a variety of forms. These are flower fairies, and they are the most beautiful type of fey known to man.