First Annual Spring Equinox Feast


A letter would be sent by ravens far and wide carrying letters to all who wish to take one and read it.

To the people of Erranor,

The first day of Spring is quickly approaching and I, Nynaeve Sagehand, would love to invite you all to the Druidic Circle’s first annual Spring Equinox celebration! The activities during this Feast will be as follows:

  • Planting crops, trees, and flowers to give thanks to the new year.
  • Spring dance! (Bring a date…or not. It’s up to you!)
  • The Spring Feast
  • Making flower crowns
  • Tales and Myths from Nynaeve Sagehand.

Plus…the unveiling of a new place near Faerin.


Location: The Square in Faerin
Date & Time: Saturday, March 21st @ 5 PM CST
Recommendations: Bring food and brews if you wish!


Another letter would be sent out:

Due to some unfortunate events, the Spring Equinox will have to be cancelled for this year.


Nynaeve Sagehand


OOC: So due to another event being done, Nynaeve is temporarily unable to do the festival. However, I will be putting a post up about the thing she wanted to show off either tonight or tomorrow for anyone interested in that.