Gowracid, Scourge of the Damned

Name: Gowracid

Important Info:
Race: Orc
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual, attracted more to physical strength. Will marry whoever beats him in hand to hand combat
Nationality: Unknown
Religion: Paladin of Bhisuth

Height: 7’6"
Weight: Pushing 350lbs
Build: Muscular with some extra weight from eating quite often
Eyes: Oddly blue, seeming out of place on the rest of his face
Clothing: Rarely seen out of armor. Wears a floral shirt under it.
Scars: Head to toe covered in small scars. Scratch, bite, and arrow scars make up probably 30% of his skin
Voice: Deep and commanding

Family and Friends:
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown (definitely not Shadow)
Siblings: Unknown
Children: None
Allies: The Hive

Bonus Info:
Occupation: Paladin by trade
Education: Self taught
Strengths: Great physical strength, even for his race.
Weakness: Relentless pursuit of undead leads to bad situations very often
Hobbies: Farming
Dislikes: Undead
Fatal Flaw: Will dive headfirst into undead at the slightest provocation
Skills: Swordsmanship
Dreams: To die fighting powerful undead
Mental stability: Usually fine, rages around undead
Secrets: Was bitten by a zombie and only staying in peak physical condition is keeping him alive

Backstory: Lost to the wilderness as a child, Gowracid lived a difficult life of constant struggle that has molded him into the warrior he is today. Once, when he was around 15, he was overran by zombies. A pack of wolves charged in and attacked them, killing most and fending off the rest. The Alpha of the pack was a black wolf with a white and blue eye. Gowracid believes this was a sign from Bhisuth and has relentlessly slaughtered undead every night since then.

(Art Credit to Mark Harrington)