Greyalien20 Villager Application

:one: What is your Minecraft in-game username?
My Minecraft in-game username is Greyalien20
:two: How long have you been playing Minecraft?
I have been playing Minecraft since Uhhhhh, Sometimes around 1.2 coming out.
:three: How did you find out about RoleplayCraft?
Frankly, it’s been years since and I’ve forgotten. But been playing since at least 1.3. Never shall the Werewolf level 5000 Unarmed skill be forgotten.
:four: Have you ever been banned from another Minecraft Server/Community? If your answer was yes, what was the reason why?
Actually, I’ve been banned from this server itself! Many years ago, honestly I only vaguely remember the details but in involved an assassination I didn’t commit. And I wish I was clever enough to make that up.
:five: Have you read our Terms of Service Policy and Community Rules/Guidelines?
Aye, I have.
:six: Desired Race?
Dwarf please, cheers and thanks.
:seven: Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Ahh, well. Nothing super interesting to say, played in the old RPC for many a year. Loved brewery and it even got me interested in Mixology itself, That’s uhhhh, that’s about it. I’m not an interesting person

Welcome back! Just don’t do anything rule breaking and you won’t be banned again :). Sorry for the delay, my computer died!!