Half Dwarf Concept (hopefully proper format)

Race Concept: Half Dwarf

Half Dwarves
The Half Dwarf, the offspring of the union of human and dwarf. In some dwarven circles this is a thing of joy, to others its thinning the mighty blood of dwarves. For human circles its more joyful as their offspring inherit good traits of the dwarves with some benefits from humans. Most half dwarves will leave the nest to see the world before deciding their future, but they always keep a sense of familial honor inherited from their dwarven ancestry.

Physical Description
Half Dwarves tend to take aspects from both racial sides, but a common feature is looking like shorter humans with possibly dwarven styled of hair and beard.
Males: 4’11’’-5’3"
Females 4’10"-5’2"
Common builds: varies between either more lanky human builds or thicker dwarven stock. Males can either have thick dwarven beards or be cursed with no beard.
Common Eyes: Can be any color common in dwarves and humans
Common hair: Usually duller colors like browns blacks and reds, rarely brighter colors like oranges or blonds
Common Skin tone: varies on time spent underground, usually born light skinned but years underground can affect pigmentation as they do not inherit dwarven ability to not need sunlight

Half dwarven culture varies on different dwarven clans or human cities
A half dwarf will usually gravitate to whoever’s side of the family they are raised in.
For dwarves it varies what they see in half dwarves, some love the varried race who still inherits their strength, but to others they are seen as half breeds who weaken the bloodline, beardless ones are rarely looked well upon but some family’s are willing to look past faults.

Half Dwarves inherit the desire to move and expand and usually become travlers when they become of age if only to learn more things about the world. They inherit this from human desires but also inherit the pride and skills of dwarves. Many Half dwarves grow into becoming masters of their passions.

Life Span: 90-120 years baring health complications
Half Dwarves tend to leave their home to travel and explore their passions, they inherit a human’s desire to expand their horizon but the dwarven pride

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