Half Elves

:elf:Half Elves :elf:

Walking in two worlds but truly belonging to neither, half-elves combine what some say are the best qualities of their elf and human parents: human curiosity, inventiveness, and ambition tempered by the refined senses, love of nature, and artistic tastes of the elves. Some half-elves live among humans, set apart by their emotional and physical differences, watching friends and loved ones age while time barely touches them. Others live with the elves, growing restless as they reach adulthood in the timeless elven realms, while their peers continue to live as children. Many half-elves, unable to fit into either society, choose lives of solitary wandering or join with other misfits and outcasts in the adventuring life

:muscle:Physical Description :muscle:

Half elves often tend to be taller than their non-Elven parent, though rarely meet the full-blood counterpart. In adolescence, their ears inherit the sharp pointed tip that Elves are known for, though they theirs aren’t as pronounced.

  • Common Height: Parent Race + 5 inches (13 cm)
  • Common Build: See Parent Race/Elf Builds
  • Common Eyes: See Parent Race/Elf Eyes
  • Common Hair: See Parent Race/Elf Hair
  • Common Skin Tone: See Parent Race/Elf Skin Tones

:performing_arts:Culture :performing_arts:

Being only half blooded, Half Elves are often looked down upon by their pureblood counterparts. Humans and the like, however, don’t harbor the same feelings that Elves do, rather feeling more envy towards Half Elves because of their extended lifespans and ease with the arcane.

:dizzy:Mechanics :dizzy:

Lifespan: Parent Race + 50 years

Half Elves tend to inherit their Elven blood’s staple arrogance. They view themselves as being simply better than most races, while also being shunned by Elves for not being pure-blooded. Half Elves also find an easier time harnessing their mana pools because of their Elven lineage, more inclined to the arcane than most.

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