:man_curly_haired:Halflings :woman_curly_haired:

Halflings are an affable and cheerful people. They cherish the bonds of family and friendship as well as the comforts of hearth and home, harboring few dreams of gold or glory. Even adventurers among them usually venture into the world for reasons of community, friendship, wanderlust, or curiosity. They love discovering new things, even simple things, such as an exotic food or an unfamiliar style of clothing.

Halflings are easily moved to pity and hate to see any living thing suffer. They are generous, happily sharing what they have even in lean times.

:handshake: Physical Description :handshake:

Halflings are often seen as child-like in their size, being comparable to a 5 or 7 year old human. They are proportionate to a human torso-limb ratio, save their notoriously large and hairy feet, due to a negligence of shoes. They also possess a sizable body, not in height, but in stature. This is due to their obsession with food; both eating, and the physical labor of creating their elaborate meals.

  • Common Height:
  • Male: 3’3” to 3’6”
  • Female: 3’1” to 3’5”
  • Common Build: Short and stubby
  • Common Eyes: Green and Blue
  • Common Hair: Hazelnut brown or a fair blonde
  • Common Skin Tone: Ranging from olive to fair skin

:tada:Culture :beer:

Halflings are often times compared to hedonistic people; they find their most enjoyment enjoying the fine wines and food they are well-known for. Possessing a talent for their culinary arts, they establish themselves economically through their crafts. Leatherwork, inscriptions, writings and tales are other well-known hallmarks of their indulgent lifestyle. While not necessarily greedy, there are the rogue few who live dangerously, making great strides in wealth with their ability to enchant, elude and deceive those that they extort.

:postal_horn:Mechanics :postal_horn:

Lifespan: 50-70 years

Halfling are cunning, small, and utilize their wit as they do not possess strength due to their build. They also find themselves literate in the usage of magic, often illusion, enchanting, and even forsaking to avoid magic-users quiet fluently. These features are their strong suit and their downfall; if they are able to successfully avoid conflict, through stealth, their silver tongues, or their proficiency in magic, they can often pick loot with ease. However, if caught in the act, any force of strength will most often easily overpower them.