Hectus Everhill

Hectus Everhill
Nickname: None!
Personal Information
Race: human
Age: Adult
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Nationality/Ethnicity: Unknown

Hectus Everhill is a tall man with an athletic frame. his eyes are a clear and sky blue that flash with life. Sporting a cover for his face that hides a large scar from an old encounter his features are rather unknown, however he is a very plain looking young man with average looks, a small beard, and slightly angular nose shape.

Height: 6’1"
Weight: 190
Hair: Black, kept short
Eyes: Sky blue
Mannerisms: Jovial, friendly, hasty
Scars/Injuries: Scar from side of nose on the right to chin.
Voice: even toned and slightly deep

Family and Friends
Father: Deceased
Mother: Alive
Siblings: None
Extended Family: Unknown
Children: None
Friends: Easily made
Alliances: None

Hectus from a young age showed a remarkable aptitude for learning new skills. This was a large help to his family on their small farm where they raised and sold cattle and his father ran a small carpentry and smithy out of the barn. Life was simple for Hectus growing up, hard work with profit to show for it and helping out with every aspect of the farm life as he picked up all of the skills to do it very fast. As soon as he was old enough he started to help his father around the forge and ended up being better then he was. This life went on for several happy years till one day his father collapsed while working on the wood lathe, it was at this time Hectus discovered that his father had been sick and getting worse. His parents didn’t tell him the extent of the illness because they didn’t want him to worry and hoped it would pass.

After they had brought his father into the farm house his mother asked if he would venture out to the nearest town for proper medicine and a doctor, to witch he grabbed his fathers old sword and crossbow without hesitation and set out that night. While on the road Hectus found he had a great love for traveling and wondered what it would be to go on great adventures, all the while being stalked by a band of thieves who patrolled the stretch of road he traveled. Once dust turned to night they sprung on him. Though no expert, Hectus had watched his father at swordplay and secretly practiced what he saw at night, so when he was able to cut down one of the attackers and fend off the other two they attacked as one instead of in single combat. Hectus was disarmed and beaten by the thugs, their leader wanting him to remember what they had done slashed his face to give him a fitting scar to mark this day. However help was able to come as they were closer to town then any of them had realized and the guards came to his aid. They took him to the local doctor who was able to tend the cut and provide the medicine he needed. The two traveled back to Hectus’s farmstead and were able to treat his father to the best they could. Although the medicine did its job his father was very much weakened from the prolonged illness and was never the same.

Hectus Stayed and tended the farm for months longing to be out in the world again even though it almost cost his life, until the day his father finally succumbed and passed away. Him and his mother had a small funeral with a couple of close friends from neighboring farms. This is when Hectus decided he would become a great adventurer, staying at home was to painful at this time and he knew his mother would have more then enough help from the other farmers. So once again he took up his fathers old arms and set out into the world to become a legend.

Characteristics and Personality
Occupation: Mercenary/ minor smithing/ woodsman
Education: Self taught adventurer
Strengths: Determined quick learner
Weaknesses: Quick to act, slightly scatter minded
Likes/Hobbies/Values: Music, traveling, good company, arms and armor, and drinking Dislikes/Phobias: Dislikes very hot and dry climates (deserts) Fear of sickness.
Fatal Flaws: ----- -----
Skills: Smithing, Hunting, Swords, Mercenary
Dreams/Long-term Desires: To make a name for himself that will be spoken of as legend
Mental Stability: Stable
Secrets: Unknown

Class Ranger/Rogue

Rapid Volley (5D20) cool down 5/t
Lead the Wind +5 attack for 1 turn cool down 3/t
Flashing Strike (2D20) cool down 3/t
Pocket Sand 1D20 skip enemy turn cool down 2/t

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