Hedoesntplay's Villager Application

Minecraft Username: hedoesntplay

Preferred Race: Human

Discord Username (if applicable): hdp#9684

Have you read the community rules and agree to follow them? Yes, I have read the community rules and I will agree to follow them.

How did you hear about this server? I was interested in finding an underrated server particularly a survival server. So I looked up ‘Survival Minecraft Servers’ and stumbled upon a list where I scrolled many times until I came across this server. This server represents the beginning purpose of what ‘Minecraft’ was supposed to be and I wanted to embrace that feeling once more.

Tell us a little about yourself: I have been playing Minecraft since 1.6.3. I enjoy building over everything even if I’m not quite the best builder on the server. I have many hobbies which include playing multiple sports (some not for school), CS:GO, 2k, Madden, and cars in general.

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Welcome to Roleplaycraft! :smiley: