How to apply for Citizen

Steps required to apply for the Citizen rank:

  1. At least 2 months should have passed since your villager application was approved.
  2. Create a new topic in the “Citizen Applications” category using the template below.

:lemon: Minecraft Username: :lemon:

:calendar: The date you were approved for Villager: :calendar:
January 11, 2020

:sunflower: Why you think you deserve Citizen (2-4 Sentences Long): :sunflower:
I’ve been an active member of the community and I’ve even hosted weekly roleplay quests.

:yellow_circle: : Tell us a bit about your experience of RPC so far (2-4 sentences long): :yellow_circle:

  1. Two people of rank Citizen+ should respond using this recommendation template, staff members have the reserverd right to vote against a player.

:lemon: Minecraft Username: :lemon:

:scroll: Player you’re recommending: :scroll:

:sunflower: Why you think this player deserves Citizen (2-4 Sentences Long): :sunflower:
Kris has been committed to the community for many years and has often helped me host events.

If you are approved to become a citizen you will receive additional in-game homes and an McMMO boost.