IC Roleplay Notice Board

This is a place to post pieces of parchment or notices for other players in game and in character that you are looking for something specific. It allows for more roleplay to be had and more in game interactions. This board could be for in any established town just be specific about where and which one you are posting it in.

This is just an example:

“She posts a piece of parchment looking for a sword made of diamonds with an enchantment to smite evil. Will pay any price in gold coins. OOC: Looking for Diamond sword with Smite enchantment”


IC: She walks into the town of Lyconia and approaches the notice board and pins her piece of parchment paper to the board.

OOC: Looking for two stacks x64 of Arrows willing to pay 128GC.

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IC: Seri Smallburrow looks up at the notice board. She raises to her tip toes in order to read the parchment attached. “Oh! I have extra arrows to sell! Hm… now to find this Miss Heartwood.” The halfling begins asking around in order to find Lauryn Heartwood.