Idrath Nish Information (updated 3/27/2020)

Idrath Nish (formally Bren Idrath, changed to sound better)
Age 21
Half Dwarf

Idrath is just a simple half dwarf whose parents where the union of a human and dwarf loving couple.

Idrath is a friendly optimistic person, seeing all races as a potential friend and customer, but he also inherited the dwarves love of gold and treasure, hence his choice in profession, he one day dreams of owning an artifact of some kind…

Where he is from: A Land across the sea, a land where Dwarfs tend to remain together in forts, where racism is far more common, his family lives in a small fort and had humans married in, despite this they are a functional happy family even if othersiders don’t agree. (outside of rp, basically he is from a land of Dwarf fortress conventions and ideals, but moved to this land)

Family back home:
Maria Hunter: Human woman who fell in love with the dwarf Abon, a very good crossbow-woman, very scary when angry, Idrath’s mother. Plays music very well too.

Aban Nish: Idraths father and a merchant, very friendly surprisngly not as racist as most of his family, enjoys fishing in his spare time.

Urist Nish: Idrath’s uncle, a very old school dwarf who looks down (ironicly given his size) to other races, tolerates Maria’s side of the family but has been heard using slurs against humans when very drunk
A former mercenary before settling down to start a family.

Skills: Able to learn new skills pretty well if he is interested
Main Questing Skills, Swordplay, Crossbowmenship, unorthodox fighting (in other words using tactics in dnd terms would be improvised weapons, or fighting like he is brendan fraiser in the mummy), Trident Fighting.

Minor skills he knows but isn’t quite trained: metal work, alchemy, field aid, farming, and building (basic minecraft stuff really)

Combat Style: Direct and Aggressive even when not Berserk, prefers not to use a shield to keep the other hand free, not above using more dishonorable tactics to win but mostly limited to unorthodox fighting styles.

Special Ability: Berserker Rage, when under stress he can give into the madness he achieved through wearing his mask and go into a bloodlusted rage, during this time his combat is improved but his defenses are lowered, as well for rounds he will refuse to back down unless the situation is completely dire.

Rare Items he has:
The Nish Family Blade: A blade forged to commerate the marriage of his mother and father, now passed to him, he has since used enchantments to improve it even further.

The Mask of Jack: A strange mask he never remembers how he got, happened after the battle of proud mead, sometimes Idrath seems to speak to it, like its alive, claims it keeps him calm but othertimes he will go into a berserk fury improving his combat but lowering his reason for some time.

Immortal Golem Scrap: A strange scrap metal he took from the battle of proud mead, while it doesn’t seem to be active any more, to him it seems to hum with a red glow, he has since taken to doing research on it in his spare time.

Stone Tiger Fang: the remains of the stone tiger guardian of the Immortal Rose

Golden Ram Horn (right): The right horn of the golden ram, pure gold, so far Idrath is deciding how to turn it into an artifact to honor a fallen companion (see information on the Peony Trials, the Ripe Cornflower)

Crossbow of the Alpha Pillager: picked up during combat and fired only once, the weight made shooting it impractical without some sort of immense strength, currently hanging on his wall, he has plans for it in the future if he can.

Undyne: the name of the magical trident he has, a useful weapon that returns to him when thrown, named after a legendary hero from stories of his childhood. The weapon itself is designed to take advantage of its loyaty enchantment, hooking into a target and when it returns either ripping flesh out and pulling the target back.

His bolter: his enchanted crossbow, enhanced to pierce through multiple targets, killed well over 40 pigmen in the nether to test its power.

Key Moments in his life:
Idrath has taken to wearing a strange pumpkin mask, he also can sometimes do things that seem…off. He hasn’t completely changed but he refuses to take it off under most circumstances.
His body also seemed to be more scarred.

During the battle of Proudmead he achieved some fame for fighting alongside forces, however sustained a grievous injury in the aftermath when examining machinery caused his arm to freeze over before being ACCIDENTALLY shattered.

Thankfully his left arm was regenerated with the power of the Faes mysterious magic, however he never was quite the same after that.

Idrath spent time working with Peony Green and his jobs
So far he has a hand in slaying a stone tiger and a golden ram, both of which he took a trophy from.

His mind continues to be chaotic but he has seemed to stablize somewhat as he was able to focus and deliver the final blow to an Alpha Pillager, an impalement to the back of the head with his trusty trident Undyne.

He went on Peony’s mission to the swamp and lost his mind for a moment facing down the guardian of the Iron Orchid, a giant snake. Dealing deadly blows to it, he was able to force it to retreat back to its nest but before he in his bloodlust could go after it the others were able to convince him to remain calm and leave.

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