Idrath Nish Information (updated 4/11/2020)

Idrath Nish (formally Bren Idrath, changed to sound better)

Age 21

Half Dwarf

Names and Titles:

Mad Jack: A common name he has been called by others due to his habit of wearing a Pumpkin Mask and sometimes when going into a Berserker Rage referring to himself as Jack

The Masked Butcher: The Pigmen of the Nether have seen hundreds of their people killed by a berserk Idrath releasing his madness in the nether, they know to fear the Pumpkin masked half dwarf

Sexuality: Straight

Religion: Believes in his own Fort’s patron of Merchants and Travel (but given we can’t have new lore, it’s not important for the rp)

Height/Weight: 5’1, 120 pounds unarmored

Hair: Short, Brown, Messy

Eyes: Brown

Commonly Worn Clothing: A fine bit of dwarven merchant clothing, his mask Jack, some sort of armor

Physical Mannerisms: Friendly, a bit wild, honorable

Scars/Injuries: Too many to count, his body is riddled with many slash, burns and puncture scars, his face does have a few burn scars and one big slash scar across the front

Idrath is just a simple half dwarf whose parents were the union of a human and dwarf loving couple.

Idrath is a friendly optimistic person, seeing all races as a potential friend and customer, but he also inherited the dwarves love of gold and treasure, hence his choice in profession, he one day dreams of owning an artifact of some kind…which he did when he forged his new legendary armor.

Idrath since became a little more jaded during his time here in the new land but tries to remain friendly and optimistic. He is a man who isn’t afraid to admit when he is wrong or ask for help. He values honor and loyalty to one’s causes or dreams, even if he doesn’t agree with them

A comedic weakness Idrath suffers from is his low alcohol tolerance, ironic given his dwarven pride but he has trouble drinking without suffering the effects. He rarely drinks unless celebrating or with very low alcohol beverages

Where he is from: A Land across the sea, a land where Dwarfs tend to remain together in forts, where racism is far more common, his family lives in a small fort and had humans married into the family, despite this they are a functional happy family even if othersiders don’t agree. (outside of rp, basically he is from a land of Dwarf fortress conventions and ideals, but moved to this land)

Choice of Class: Warrior

Skills Chosen

Nish Family Technique (Trained Slash): 1D20, No Cooldown, Starting Skill, It’s just a simple fighting style the Nish family used, it’s not really anything special but it is enough to deal with most threats.

Unleash Jack (Cleaving Flurry): 3D20, 5 Turn Cooldown, Idrath gives into Jack to unleash the madness, he dances around the enemy before suddenly slashing with a fury unlike anything most normal people will ever or want to ever see.

“Glad I brought this” (Iron Will): +1 Health to self, 3 Turn Cooldown, Idrath pulls out a potion of healing and quaffs it, bringing his strength and will to fight back up, though after drinking one it takes a while before his body will allow him another.

“When this is over, drinks are on me!” (ATTACK): +2 on attack rolls for self and allies for 1 roll, 2 turn cooldown, Idrath promises the group something great at the end of this, usually he is good for it so people are a little bit more pumped

Healing Mist Grenade (FOR GLORY): 1+ Health to Self and Allies, 5 Turn Cooldown, Idrath slams a healing mist grenade to the ground (Lingering Regeneration Potion) the mist sticks around long enough for anyone on his side to enter and rejuvenate themselves, the recipe takes a bit longer to wear off in them before he can throw down another one

(possible limitation, Idrath can’t always carry any more than 3 per mission, perhaps his ability could have an additional effect if having this limit)

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