Idrath Nish, the King out of Time

Idrath Nish ,Dwarven for Treasure Trade

Age 41


Names and Titles:

Mad Jack: A common name he has been called by others due to his habit of wearing a Pumpkin Mask and sometimes when going into a Berserker Rage referring to himself as Jack

A habit since long gone, though he has been known to wear it from time to time.

The Masked Butcher: The Pigmen of the Nether have seen hundreds of their people killed by a berserk Idrath releasing his madness in the nether, they know to fear the Pumpkin masked dwarf

Piglins of This Era however do not know of this legend as they are far removed from the Zombified Pigmen of Idrath’s Era

Sexuality: Straight

Religion: Believes in his own Fort’s patron of Merchants and Travel, Taloon.

Taloon is described as a slightly portly dwarf merchant, friendly whose followers tend to be the same sort of friendly

Height/Weight: 5’1, 140 pounds unarmored

Hair: Short, Brown, Messy

Eyes: Brown

Commonly Worn Clothing: His custom artifact armor, the pumpkin mask

Physical Mannerisms: Friendly, a bit wild, honorable

Scars/Injuries: Too many to count, his body is riddled with many slash, burns and puncture scars, his face does have a few burn scars and one big slash scar across the front

Idrath is or rather was the King of the Dwarven Country of Shalforta, a King of a powerful nation of Dwarfs owing to his fair leadership and combat skills.

Idrath in his early years left his original home to learn new trades and become better, thats when he became a hero in his own right in the nation of Lyconia, becoming a well known warrior, smith, and friend. However his fort called for him as the king was slain in battle and they heard of his exploits. He left and never returned to Lyconia

For 20 years he would lead with a fair rule and lead his fort against the vile forces of darkness…

Until one battle in the End against the Demon Lord Grim Os (Twisted Lie) a Vile Snake Man composed of Stone of End and Obsidan. No one knew the truth of how the battle ended, the legends saying Idrath died in battle slaying the monster keeping his people safe as all they found was a pile of unmoving stone shattered into pieces.

What truly happened was that while Idrath was successful in slaying the demon the demon had used an ancient ritual to throw Idrath out of time, using the chaotic power of the end as the focus. However Idrath instead of being thrown to the end or begining of time, was thrown 300 years into the future as the ritual could not be complete.

Idrath now is in a new land alone…with stone and creatures different yet similar…he will have to regain his skills and perhaps he might find a ritual to find his way home…or perhaps rebuild a kingdom worthy of his ancestor spirits.

All that returned with Idrath was his legendary armor Dragon Blaze, however due to the effects of the time dillations (and possibly a new dimension) the gems and dragon skin offer no more protection than his clothing. He wears it still out of a sense of pride and honor.
Måmgoz Sákrith (Dragon Blaze) (art done by KitchenWizard)

An Artifact Diamond Chest piece that Idrath went into a [Feymood] after a battle against a powerful red dragon, he created a beautiful set of Dwarven Armor which he has since claimed as his legacy heirloom.

Idrath’s old blade and artifacts did not survive the trip however.

Personality: He is a kind man, a bit grizzled and maybe gruff but he is more than happy to help others in needs, he loves to talk about his crafts and learn new ones. He respects other religions but dislikes those who impose a harsh will upon others.

When asked about the pumpkin mask, he will usually say, “…a memory of an old friend”

Currently he lives in the south of the continent, landing on an island he has since called home. He ventures out to find new material and perhaps gain new allies.

Painting made by an Old friend of him and his guild mates (he is in the lower right corner in the blue armor)

Idrath in his prime, as the great Mad King leading the charge

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