Idrath's Letter to Home

(Note: This is an in character letter to his home in the far off country his home fort is from, whether anything comes of this is up to the admins but I highly doubt anything will happen, also note the letter is written in full Dwarven)

"Dear mother and father, I write this letter in between jobs on the 4th of Aplris, I did it, I achieved my dream of an artifact, enclosed is the artwork a merfolk artist drew of it, so you may show everyone at the fort. Things have been rough though, this land always seems to have problems, wars, eldritch beasts, and worse of all, too many cats, I remember the stories grandma told me of cats invading forts, a scary thing to say the least. I have opened up my shop, been working as a smith in the small town of Yeetopia, the people there look up to me and I do my best to help in any way I can.

I admit I made a few mistakes and maybe could have handled some things different, but I am feeling happy here, I don’t think I will be returning home any time soon. Besides what kind of man would I be to see a land in need and don’t try to help.

Speaking of which, if you wish, the land is ripe for trade, feel free to send a trade ship, I’m sure the people here would love to see our forts fine crafts, I don’t see crafts like at home here, so the trade would benefit everyone. Do take care and stay strong.

Love Idrath Nish"