In response to my ban appeal

Honestly, I think it was incredibly rude for you to close my appeal instantly after denying it. I assume it’s standard practice, but I was under the impression I was missing pertinent information about the ban and was, in a round about way, requesting for more so I could perhaps explain something, or anything.
Also, I would like to note I did specifically note that “to my knowledge”. I’m sorry that I can’t remember everything I did when I was a teenager.

However, I’m genuinely appalled you would behave in this way Omri, especially since we’ve played here together for such a long time and I don’t even remember any animosity between us the last time I was particularly active. You haven’t even given a real reason for my ban, and seeing as I have interacted with a very, very small number of people in the last week due to the time I played on the server and my penchant for keeping to myself I really can’t see how it can have anything to do with something recent.

But, if that’s the hill you want to die on so be it. I guess I’m not welcome in this new iteration of RPC for whatever reason, feel free to keep that to yourself.

Even though I’m not required to answer:

A) We never “played together”, by the time you first joined I was a moderator, and frankly, I didn’t really pay too much attention to trolls at the time.

B) Reason for the ban: Rules 3 and 5, We are not taking any chances with old players, let alone old players who are notoriously remembered for bad actions.

C) You are correct, with this behavior, especially after “forgetting” your past actions, you’re not welcomed.

D) Wrong location for thread, moved accordingly.

Appeal, again, denied.